Toolbox for Managers/Supervisors

Tools to help supervisors and managers review Staff Experience Survey results, discuss them with teams and take action

Job and Presentation Aids 


Suggested Actions

The following resources suggest actions that managers can take in the Staff Experience Survey action areas. (If you are a manager with Glint survey dashboard access, you will also find these resources there.)

Manager Quick Tip videos for Staff Experience Survey 

Viewing Survey Results and Understanding the Survey Dashboard
Discussing Results with Your Team and Taking Action

Additional Training and Tools

Departments that can help improve the staff experience:

  • Academic and Staff Assistance Program (ASAP)
  • ASAP offers confidential, cost-free counseling, consultation and referral services to all UC Davis and UC Davis Health faculty, staff and their immediate families. For more in-depth assistance, ASAP offers customized departmental services with a recharge, including specialized departmental facilitations and executive coaching.

    Phone: (530) 752-2727
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
  • The DEI Office offers educational opportunities to units and departments, in addition to scheduled courses, seminars and workshops, on a host of topics aimed to increase awareness and sensitivity about the diversity that makes up our campus community. Through facilitated discussions, these educational sessions engage participants in dialogue about creating a more inclusive campus community and developing the important skills necessary to navigate an increasingly diverse institution. The DEI team is happy to work with departments to develop a custom program. To request a specialized presentation, training, or workshop for your group, please complete a Needs Assessment.

  • Employee and Labor Relations
  • Employee and Labor Relations (ELR) department works to enhance the relationship between the university and employees by providing direction and guidance on unions, policies, agreements and more. We work closely with both managers and supervisors in Davis and Sacramento to ensure the correct application of policies, procedures and laws are being used to manage a large, diverse, and round-the-clock workforce.
    Employee Relations Team
    The Employee Relations unit provides employees and supervisors with the resolutions of work-related issues. They also provide consultation and advice to managers, supervisors and employees regarding Human Resources issues, including performance management, corrective actions, interpretation of policies and procedures and collective bargaining agreements, training of staff policy and procedures, FMLA, etc.
    Labor Relations Team
    UC Davis Labor Relations is dedicated to creating and sustaining a positive work environment. We work to effectively communicate with the campus community on issues regarding collective bargaining, grievance processes, changes in labor law and more. We enhance understanding and create rapid solutions to other issues such like arbitrations, unfair labor practice charges and complaints to state agencies.

  • Harassment & Discrimination Assistance and Prevention Program (HDAPP)
  • HDAPP supports the University's commitment to a harassment and discrimination-free work and learning environment for all members of the UC Davis, UC Davis Health, and University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) campuses by preventing harassment and discrimination from occurring at UC Davis, UC Davis Health, and ANR by educating the campus communities about the issues; assisting individuals and campus units to resolve conflicts and complaints related to harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence and hate and bias; and serving as the central office for receiving reports and maintaining records of these types of complaints.

    Phone: (530) 747-3864
    Anonymous Call Line: (530) 747-3865
  • Ombuds Office
  • The Ombuds Office is a confidential, independent, impartial and informal problem-solving and conflict management resource for all members of the UC Davis and UC Davis Health campus communities. The Ombuds Office can assist by listening to concerns, clarifying issues, identifying policies and resources, and providing coaching and communication strategies. The Ombuds Office provides individuals meetings, mediation and trainings.

    In addition to training courses and workshops offered in the UC Learning Center, the Ombuds Office offers tailored training to groups or work teams to address their specific needs.

    Phone: (530) 754-7233
    Email: (for non-confidential communications)
  • Organizational Excellence
  • Thriving organizations develop and exist through the integration of effective leaders, high functioning teams, engaged employees, and the agility to initiate, manage and socialize change. Organizational Excellence partners with leaders, teams and organizations on all three levels to build and maintain strength and resilience. Our four broad categories of service offerings reflect our dedication to a thriving UC Davis.

    Phone: (530) 752-0990
  • UC Davis Learning and Development
  • UC Davis Learning and Development supports the further education of faculty and staff by providing innovative, high-quality learning and development programs, resources and services. They offer courses, programs and certificate series on nearly 300 topics, as well as a resource library, online toolkits and training consultations.

    Phone: (530) 752-1766
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