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UC Davis Health Digital Workplace Program

UC Davis Health's Digital Workplace Program is a remote- and hybrid-work program designed to promote flexibility, leverage new ways of working, foster innovation in how we work, and ultimately be better stewards of our resources.

We recognize different departments and roles require different amounts of on-site time. Given the effectiveness of current remote work arrangements and desire by both employees and managers, UC Davis Health offers a Digital Workplace Program.

Remote Work Agreements

Remote Work Arrangement (RWA) apply to both Remote Workers and Hybrid Workers.  This is an arrangement by which an employee is given permission by management to regularly perform work at an off-campus site for a specified portion or all of a given work week. 

Worker Types

  • On-Site Worker: Employees who spend most of their work week (4-5 days per week) working in the office. On-Site Workers are assigned a dedicated workstation.

  • Hybrid Worker: Employees who spend part of their week (appx. 2-3 days per week) working from locations other than the office.  Hybrid Workers do not have an assigned desk at the office, but rather share desks within their team’s neighborhood.

  • Remote Worker: Employees who work from home or an alternate location full time (4 or more days per week).  Remote Workers may come into the office 1-2 times per month and use drop-in workstations in their team’s neighborhood, but are not assigned a seat.


Employees, including probationary employees, not involved directly in patient care or services that must be performed on-site in support of direct patient care may be eligible for a Remote Work Arrangement.

The following considerations will guide the decision-making process:

  • Does the nature of the work the employee performs lend itself to remote work?
  • Does a remote work arrangement support one or more University business objectives? 
  • Are there considerations specific to the particular employee (disciplinary or other appropriate considerations) that would preclude a remote work arrangement?

If you have questions about eligibility, or need more information on DWP, please contact your supervisor.

Request a Remote Work Arrangement

The Remote Work Agreement (RWA) is an arrangement where the manager permits the employee to regularly perform work at an off-site for a specified portion or all of a given workweek. A RWA is not necessary for occasional or temporary work off-site (e.g., travel on UC Davis Health business, remote monitoring of IT systems).


Review Process

The departmental Remote Work Authority shall have discretion, in consultation with Employee & Labor Relations as needed, whether or not to approve any Remote Work Arrangements within their designated area.