Conflict Competence: Getting to the Root of Group Conflict


Course Description

Group conflict can be difficult to manage and have costly consequences. It can significantly impact productivity and work quality and even destroy teams. While conflict is often attributed to interpersonal dynamics or "people problems," conflicts are commonly symptoms of other solvable issues. 

In this course for leaders of groups or teams, you’ll learn a structured approach to identify and address root causes of group conflict. Discover how to apply the Goals, Roles, Processes, and Interpersonal Relationships (GRPI) team development model to reveal both hidden sources of conflict and valuable opportunities to effectively prevent and manage conflict.



Lauren Bloom
Dana Hinojosa
Lindsey Ensor 
Jenny Xia Vaccari

Date | Time | Location

June 6, 2023
Virtual Instructor-Led Training

June 4, 2024
12:00 -1:00
Virtual Instructor-Led Training