Conflict Competence for Managers and Supervisors

This course will address conflict models and strategies, including the stages of conflict and suggested interventions.

Course Description

Conflict has the power to lower morale, reduce productivity, and cause a toxic team climate.  However, if managed well, conflict can strengthen relationships, foster creativity, and contribute to a high functioning, successful team. This highly interactive course provides tools, techniques and skills to effectively prevent and resolve conflicts within your team. You will learn how to recognize conflict before it escalates, navigate interpersonal dynamics from a position of higher power, identify core employee needs, build trust on your team, and navigate emotionally charged conversations. At the end of this course, you will develop a personalized plan to address your specific conflict management needs. Please note that this course has significant overlap with “Conflict Competence for Staff” but includes an additional focus on managing conflict from a leadership position.


Dana Hinojosa
Lindsey E Dunning
Lauren Bloom

UC Davis

UC Davis Health

Date | Time | Location

July 28, 2020




Date | Time | Location

July 1, 2020  CANCELED
Ticon III - Training & Development Classroom, Room 2400

October 22, 2020
Webinar.  Also, class restructured to two sessions (both required for class completion:  October 22, 8:30 - Noon; October 29, 8:30 - Noon)



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