We all want a world that is healthier, sustainable, safer and more enjoyable.

UC Davis is helping us get there by striving to always put people first. As a top-ranked research university, and the second-largest employer in the region, it’s no wonder our employees are leading the way in teaching, research, public service and patient care.


Allow Silence for Reflection

Not all communication is verbal, sometimes silence provides the space needed to process. 

Some Gratitude and a Brief Tour Of Human Resources at UC Davis Health

To everyone who participated in this year’s CommUNITY Feedback Survey,

Thank you! This was a big initial step in our effort to improve the workplace with our continuous listening strategy, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you taking the time out of your busy schedules to speak your mind. Responses are being analyzed and intentional plans to address concerns and issues will be developed in the coming months under the direction of Steve Chilcott the Executive Director HR Workforce Strategies.

Virtual Drop-In Support Group

ASAP is hosting free, confidential spaces to process emotional and psychological impacts related to recent events.

Respect Personal Space

Be aware of your position, posture, and proximity when interacting with a person in distress.