Shared Services Organization

The Shared Services Organization provides administrative support functions for both UC Davis and UC Davis Health in Human Resources, Payroll, and Leaves.

Jim Hankins, Executive Director


Jim Hankins Headshot. He is wearing a blue suit and smiling at the camera.

There was a project started up called the Student Hire Experience to encompass more than just processing.  We set out asking, "how we can make this more broad, to include tangible job skills they can take away from the experience above and beyond just making money?"

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Customer Kudos

“The process by email and mail was far more efficient than the in-person process 15 years ago for my original (now obsolete, worn out, and useless) retiree card. Thank you [Zoya Mirza]”

“Amazing customer service skills from Jessica [Fung]!”

“Very responsive and timely [Ayona Mccullough]!”

“Thank you Michael [Bricker] for your patience and quickly pulling a report for the VPAA office for a meeting quickly even when we changed the parameters of the report needed.”

“THANK YOU [Donna Erickson]!”

“Vicki Klein always does a great job answering my questions, or directing me to the appropriate resources. Her responses are clear, informative, and friendly.”

“Good communication is the key of the service. Satisfied with the response time [Lisa Soto].”

“Result was good [Shryl Avril].”

“Very fast service - thanks so much [Ashmeen Sharma]!”

“Very quick turn-around from submission to processing [Zoya Mirza].”

“THANK YOU [Kimm d’Angelique]!!”

“This was very timely and I appreciate the support provided by Kimm d’Angelique. This was also my first time so her guidance and additional support was really appreciated.”

“Thank you [Vicki Klein]!!”

“You all do an amazing job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I always appreciate you [Kristina Campas] :)"

“Really appreciate how quickly Samantha [Stowers] responded. Thank you!”

“Response was quick. Thanks [Zoya Mirza]!”

“Very helpful and quick resolution [Zoya Mirza].”

“"Thanks [Jessica Fung]- new phone upgrade left me locked out!! I appreciate the help.”

“Very helpful and quick resolution [Zoya Mirza].”

“I have never seen any service as fast [Zoya Mirza]!”

“Quick and efficient [Alyssa Enriquez]”

“Cheyenne [Johnson] is the best! Always helpful and super fast at getting the case taken care of.”

“Thanks [Carmen Valladares] for getting these SvC fields hidden again.”

“Samantha [Ramsey] worked with me to make sure we had all the right documents to process this request.”

“Thank you [Alyssa Enriquez]!”

“Kristina Campas is always particularly helpful. I appreciate her attitude and willingness to find solutions.”

“THANK YOU [Ayona Mccullough]!!”

“Kudos to Kimm d’Angelique for resolving so quickly to ensure employee is paid on time!!”

“Exceptional in all aspects [Zoya Mirza]”

“I am grateful that I can count on Carrie Maillard for the most correct guidance on student hiring cases! Thank you, Carrie!!!”

“Kimm d’Angelique went above and beyond to help me with this issue (caused by me). She was kind, more than helpful, and identified the problem bringing this case to resolution.”

“Thanks Michael [Bricker] for the fast response to facilitate with our future requirements.”

“Aces [Mary Dec]!”