Temporary Employment

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Temporary Employment Services (TES) places individuals with clerical, administrative, service, and other skills at the UC Davis Campus and UC Davis Health that need temporary staff support.

From your first job out of school, to a change in professions, Temporary Employment Services at UC Davis can help you discover new, meaningful career opportunities.

Temporary Employment Services offer:

  • Competitive salaries
  • A variety of assignments and locations – in Davis and Sacramento
  • Opportunities for skill enhancement
  • University benefits and insurance
  • Exposure to career opportunities with the UC Davis and UC Davis Health. Many TES employees find career employment within the university.

If you are interested in a position, please complete and submit your application online. We interview those that most directly meet the needs of our department and those who have the required skill levels. You may not be selected for an interview for a particular posting. You are welcome to reapply for other job postings as positions become available.

  • Clerical/Administrative Positions
    The greatest percentage of our jobs are in the administrative and clerical field where we need individuals who have demonstrated experience working in an office setting. Successful applicants have the expertise to perform general office tasks, are familiar with word-processing software, and possess the ability to handle multi-tasking with ease.

    When an application is received in our office, we review the employment history to make sure the applicant has both the skills and experience necessary to be a successful TES employee. If the application demonstrates and meets TES' requirements, the applicant is asked to come to our office for an interview and a skill assessment. Once the assessment and interview is completed, reference checks will be conducted. All prospective TES hires undergo a Livescan background check. Positions located at the UC Davis Health require both a background check and a pre-placement medical evaluation.

    Final determinations for hire are made based on the steps already completed and the availability of an assignment. The actual hiring and placement in a position can be anywhere from one day to several months depending on our needs.

    Computer/Programmer Positions
    Some of our job requests are in the computer resource specialist and programmer fields. Job requests are usually specific as to the platform and software expertise required.

    Technical Positions
    Occasionally there are job requests in certain technical areas, such as laboratory helpers and animal technicians.

    Service-Related Positions
    Service positions on Campus and at the Medical Center include laborers, custodians, cooks, food service workers, etc. Before a service applicant can be hired, they must successfully complete a pre-placement physical.

    Analyst Positions
    TES receives requests for individuals able to provide analytical skills in many areas of data collection such as finance, results of assessments, grants/contracts, academic advising, budgets, etc. Project management is another skill often requested in a typical analyst position.

How To Apply:

  1. Go to UC Davis Career Opportunities.
  2. Click "Search Jobs" on the left navigation bar.
  3. Use the drop down menu in the "Department" field and select "TEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT SERVICES - 062120"
  4. Click the "Search" button.

Note: Temporary Employment positions are posted at different levels (the actual assignment and level one is sent out on depends on the demand from departments and the employee's skill level). If you are interested in more than position, please apply to each one separately.

Once you have been interviewed and we are moving forward with your application, we check references, complete a background check and possibly a physical. Many of our department needs are varied, and we could contact you anywhere from one day to several weeks after you have been cleared to be hired.

Duration of Positions:

The type of position you apply for determines the length of time you can be hired. For example, our Administrative positions can be hired for a period of three years. Our employees may work for several departments during that period of time as assignments vary. Most of our assignments are for several months but occasionally we have part-time or short-term assignments.