Making the Unconscious Conscious: Understanding and Mitigating Bias

Learn how to recognize and mitigate biases

Course Description

Bias, in its most simplistic definition, is having a preference for one thing over another. Biases come into play in our impression and judgment of people, especially those whose identities and experiences are different from our own. This session will explore how socialization informs snap judgments we make about people. Participants will be introduced to theory and language in understanding implicit and explicit bias. Using personal reflection, experiential exercises and case studies, participants will gain greater awareness when they engage in bias and gain essential knowledge and skills (tools) in how they recognize and mitigate biases in both personal and professional domains.

NOTE: Class is subject to a minimum enrollment of 15 to proceed. If the course for your campus does not work for your schedule then you may enroll in the offering for the other campus.


Eric Sanchez
Mikael Villalobos
Christopher Ngyuen Pheneger

Date | Time | Location

October 26, 2022
Virtual Instructor-Led Training 

January 26, 2023
​​​Virtual Instructor-Led Training