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Talent Acquisition

Finding the right candidate for a position can be a rewarding yet extensive task. UC Davis’ Talent Acquisition Services is here to help hiring managers find the best qualified candidate to fill their open positions.

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Whatever your needs are, UC Davis can help you find the right people to add to our growing list of talent. We can help your department succeed by attracting, recruiting and retaining quality and diverse personnel.

Our services include:

  • Full Cycle Recruiting: This full-service option allows our recruiters to own and provide a highly professional and specialized touch to all phases of the recruitment process.
  • Workflow Planning: We are an excellent source for questions regarding recruitment strategies, market-based information, and staff planning.
  • Recruitment Plans: Our team can build robust recruitment plans to include diverse advertising strategies for niche recruitments.
  • Diversity Outreach: Ask your diversity-competent recruiters about how you can ensure your applicant pools are representative of our diverse community.
  • Social Media: Get your job advertised on LinkedIn or other utilized sites by contacting our social-media savvy recruiters.
  • Interview Guidance: We will help you develop strong behavioral-based interview questions so you can zero in on the right talent.
  • Application Screening: Let us review that huge stack of applications and we’ll get back to you with the best and most qualified ones.
  • Sourcing: Our recruiters can perform a talent search of passive candidates for your hard to fill positions.

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