Staff Experience

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Davis Campus Staff Experience Survey results can now be accessed via the Glint survey dashboard

Results at a Glance

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Overall Strengths at UC Davis:

  • Purpose: The work that I do at UC Davis is meaningful to me.
  • Role: My role is an excellent fit with my strengths.
  • Resources: I have the resources I need to do my job well (e.g. tools, technology, support).


Areas UC Davis is Committed to Improving:

  • Action Taking: I believe meaningful action will be taken as a result of this survey.
  • Decision Making: Overall, I am satisfied with how decisions are made at UC Davis.
  • Equal Opportunity: Regardless of background, everyone at UC Davis has an equal opportunity to succeed.

Timeline: Where We Are Now

Timeline showing release of survey results through next survey in October 2021,

Resources to Boost Engagement

Training and toolkits are designed to help supervisors and managers interpret the engagement data and act upon feedback from your teams.

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