An internship is a work-learn experience in a professional environment that is guided, supervised and evaluated by professionals.  As an intern, students can gain practical skills while working on special projects or ongoing work as well as make industry contacts.

Internships can be paid or non-paid.  Academic credit and transcript notation are not a substitute for pay.

  • Students may be able to receive academic credit for an internship; however, employers should not assume that academic credit will be granted for internships. The Internship and Career Center has more information regarding the process of applying for academic credit for an internship.
  • Transcript Notation (TN) is an official documentation of a student’s completion of an internship. Students can receive BOTH academic credit and transcript notation for the same internship.  The Internship and Career Center has more information about transcript notation.

For more information regarding internships, please visit the Internship and Career Center website.