Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) Recruitment Request

Graduate Student Researcher (GSR)

Departments who are interested in hiring a Graduate Student Researcher should review the links below for information such as Student Teaching & Research, Job Listings, Tuition and Fee Remission, Salary Scales, Appointment Guide, ASE Unit and Nondiscrimination as well as documents that you will need to attach if you choose to submit a student recruitment request through the Shared Services Organization.

Teaching Assistant (TA)

A Teaching Assistant is a graduate student who has been chosen for excellent scholarship and for promise as a teacher, serving an apprenticeship under the active tutelage and supervision of a regular faculty member. They may lead discussion sections, lead lab sections, hold office hours and review sessions.

General Eligibility and Restrictions

Departments that wish to hire someone who does not meet the stated minimum qualifications must file a Petition for Exception to Policy with Graduate Studies. No offer of employment may be made nor employment begun unless and until the petition has been approved.

To submit GSRs/TAs for processing:

Once all documentation is complete through Graduate Studies, complete the Recruitment Request in AggieService. Please make sure to include the required documents. 

Additional Resources: