Service or Support Animals

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Service or Support Animal Requests 

In the employment setting, a request for a service or support animal is handled in the same way as any request for a reasonable accommodation. An employee should notify their supervisor/manager/department head that they are requesting an accommodation.  Medical documentation is to be provided. It does not need to include the diagnosis or confidential medical information, but it should include a letter from the healthcare provider stating (1) that the employee has a disability and that a service or support animal is necessary as an accommodation to allow the employee to perform the essential functions of their job, and (2) confirmation that the animal meets the requirements for all service and support animals set forth in UC PPM 290-92.III.C. An employee may be required to provide annual re-certification of the job-related need for the service or support animal.    

The Disability Management Department is to be contacted upon receipt of a request for a service or support animal at