Academic Appointees

For general information regarding reasonable accommodations for employees, please see Accommodation Process and Accommodation Resources. Below is additional information for academic appointees seeking reasonable accommodations:  


Faculty and Instructors

Academic appointees with instructional responsibilities may require reasonable accommodations to enable them to perform the essential functions of their appointments, including teaching.  For more information please visit

Academic Student Employees (ASEs) 

Graduate students with disabilities may require reasonable accommodations for their employment responsibilities separately from their learning accommodations.  Academic student employees are encouraged to notify their Instructors of Record and work with Disability Management Services (DMS) to request accommodations.  The Student Disability Center (SDC) can also help graduate students navigate their dual role as both a student and an employee. For more information please visit

Residents and Fellows 

Residents and Fellows with disabilities may request reasonable accommodations related to their own serious health condition or disability during their residency and fellowship programs. For more information, see:

All Other Academic Appointees 

Academic appointees without instructional responsibilities may request reasonable accommodations by making a request for accommodation to their supervisor or department chair and working with Disability Management Services (  For more information please see Accommodation Process and