Human Resource Development

Behavioral Indicators

This model for differentiating academic MSO level positions for selection is all inclusive, meaning that each level builds upon the previous level and reflects increased complexity and a broader organizational view. The threshold level represents minimum competency levels required for MSO I positions.

Threshold Level

  • Continues to learn about new theories and principles of human resources.
  • Continues to learn about and improve cross-cultural awareness.
  • Sets clear goals and expectations about performance.
  • Provides clear feedback on issues and/or behaviors.
  • Encourages short-term and long-term professional development of all, including self.
  • Seeks feedback on own behavior and its impact on others.

Operational Level

Contains the threshold level plus:

  • Consistently applies principles and practices of human resources in an ethical manner.
  • Models continuous learning by seeking out learning opportunities and encouraging others to do so.
  • Learns from past experiences and shares information with others and applies learning to work situations.
  • Uses a variety of methods to help employees raise levels of performance.
  • Strives for personal stability by attempting to give equal weight to both personal and work life.
  • Knows how to set limits.
  • Actively creates opportunities for and encourages learning and development.

Mastery Level

Contains the operational and threshold levels plus:

  • Employs and shapes the talents of people within the organization.
  • Creates systemic opportunities for continuous learning and development as an organizational value and strategy.
  • Actively promotes organizational learning and measurement (e.g., best practices, benchmarking, examples from other areas).
  • Ensures resources are available to support development needs.
  • Looks beyond the organization for new ideas, innovative approaches, best practices, and shares that information with others.
  • Conveys poise, clarity and self-control in stressful, ambiguous and emotionally demanding situation.