Behavioral Indicators

This model for differentiating academic MSO level positions for selection is all inclusive, meaning that each level builds upon the previous level and reflects increased complexity and a broader organizational view. The threshold level represents minimum competency levels required for MSO I positions.

Threshold Level

  • Seeks to achieve results that are in the best interest of the organization.
  • Accepts responsibility for addressing challenges and changes.
  • Conducts business and relationships with honesty and professional ethics.
  • Empowers others to achieve goals by providing support.
  • Understands informal structure, climate and culture; recognizes what is and is not possible at certain times and in certain positions.
  • Is able to multi-task assignments, projects, and tasks.
  • Is willing to do the work, seeks to improve and exceed expectations.
  • Calculates the impact of one's own actions or words.
  • Explains the reasoning behind proposed decisions and/or recommendations to ensure understanding and gain support.

Operational Level

Contains the threshold level plus:

  • Is oriented toward achieving results in a timely way; conveys a sense of urgency and a bias for appropriate action.
  • Gains support through understanding and knowledge of the business of the organization and its decision-making processes (both formally and informally).
  • Anticipates risks and manages them in a knowledgeable, self-confident manner.
  • Takes steps to influence others, with each step adapted to specific audience or planned to have specific effect.
  • Models integrity in treatment of people, communication and decision making.
  • Persists in finding solutions to difficult problems.
  • Persists in finding resources to achieve goals.
  • Recognizes opportunities and potential obstacles, and takes appropriate action.
  • Prioritizes needs by first analyzing and prioritizing desired outcomes.
  • Focuses on key priorities when faced with limited time and/or resources.
  • Creates practices that encourage and reward achievement.

Mastery Level

Contains the operational and threshold levels plus:

  • Has the courage to forward a position even when it's unpopular or controversial and regardless of audience.
  • Identifies a strategic view for accomplishing work.
  • Brings people together in common purpose.
  • Marshals resources in support of achieving goals.
  • Works to minimize organizational barriers to achieving goals.
  • Champions new initiatives within and beyond scope of own area organizational boundaries.