Behavioral Indicators

This model for differentiating academic MSO level positions for selection is all inclusive, meaning that each level builds upon the previous level and reflects increased complexity and a broader organizational view. The threshold level represents minimum competency levels required for MSO I positions.

Threshold Level

  • Gathers information and input from a variety of sources before making an educated decision and/or recommendation.
  • Uses various analytical techniques for problem solving and decision making.
  • Takes ownership for actions by accepting resulting consequences.
  • Applies previous learning to new situations.
  • Considers many possibilities and perspectives when analyzing situations and information.

Operational Level

Contains the threshold level plus:

  • Thinks several steps ahead of current situation, considering causes of events, and immediate and long-term results of actions.
  • Presents decision makers with sound, data driven, well-thought through options, and recommendations.
  • Identifies and involves appropriate people in problem solving and decision making.
  • Makes timely, appropriate decisions even though they may be difficult, controversial, or misunderstood.
  • Takes creative, generative approach to problem solving, develops alternative methods.
  • Asks questions to encourage open discussion and problem solving.
  • Understands and communicates complex information (e.g., issue, problem) by breaking it down into workable pieces.

Mastery Level

Contains the operational and threshold levels plus:

  • Sees and understands the comprehensive view of an issue, including patterns, cause and effect, organizational perspective, events and people.
  • Uses strategic view to make and influence decisions.
  • Sees implications of current situations to future situations.
  • Frames issues/problems in a clear manner that invites discussion, analysis, and resolution.
  • Investigates underlying, systemic causes of problems in order to render appropriate recommendations, solutions.
  • Models clear and disciplined analysis in ambiguous and/or emotionally charged situations.