Suggested Activities for Management Services Officers

Begin practicing what you have learned through your eCourses and training.

Below are some ideas of activities and projects that you can pursue to enhance your knowledge:

Business and Financial Analysis

  • Ask to be cross-trained in basic financial duties in your office.
  • Learn to read and analyze your department's financial reports.
  • Volunteer to create or redesign department budget spreadsheets to see if there are ways to display information, group budget items, accounts, etc., more effectively.
  • Talk with a general accounting or budget and institutional analysis staff member about how money comes to campus, deans' offices and department.
  • Monitor one part of your department's budget for a year.


  • Write instructions for a departmental procedure.
  • Write an article for the Staff Assembly newsletter.
  • Attend faculty meeting w/ current MSO or supervisor.
  • Attend a college MSO meeting.
  • Write an article for a departmental newsletter.
  • Volunteer to give a presentation at a departmental or committee meeting.
  • Develop a web page.
  • Develop and present training on a departmental process.

Community Building

Analysis and Planning

  • Study space plans for units and think about different ways space could be used.
  • Ask the dean's office for strategic goals and the mission of college.
  • Participate in the strategic planning process.
  • Create a "process document" or work plan to define on paper one task/responsibility.
  • Volunteer for an upcoming or ongoing space survey project.
  • Learn more about what each unit contributes to the running of your department.
  • Volunteer to create a database and reports to handle a set of data in your unit.
  • Analyze a process to look for ways to make it more efficient or more cost-effective.


  • Join a committee.
  • Volunteer to lead a meeting.
  • Lead a group project.
  • Take a leadership role on a campus committee.

Human Resource Development

  • Volunteer to deliver your department's new employee orientation or develop a new employee handbook.
  • Volunteer to participate on hiring committees.
  • Observe the recruitment process of one recruitment from your department.