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Temporary Child Care Options During COVID-19 

Bright Horizons Back-Up Care Program Now Available!

As an essential worker, you need support for your family, especially right now.  Whether school is closed or a regular caregiver is unavailable, you can rely on Bright Horizons Back-up Care which includes:

  • Back-up Care where you can reserve high-quality child care in a center or in-home care for your child, adult, or elder relatives through the Bright Horizons network. There is a small co-pay and employees receive up to 15 uses per year, whether care is secured through-in-home or in-center.
  • Additional Family Supports where you can easily find sitters, elder care, and pet care through a premium Sittercity account which many Health employees were already eligible for through UC, however now, ALL Health employees, including Residents, are eligible. Sittercity provides free basic background checks and you are responsible for arrangements and payment for the caregiver.  Additionally, all Health employees are now eligible for the program tuition discounts, discounted online tutoring and test prep,  as well as senior care counselling for caregivers.
  • Read the FAQ Back-up Care Handbook to learn more about the programming.
  • To access your benefits:
    • Download/log in via the App: Search "Back-up Care" in the App Store or Google Play. 
      • Click on “Create Profile”
      • Enter Employer Username: UCDavis
      • Enter Employer Password: Benefits4You
      • Be sure to use your new (post UC PATH transfer) employee ID
  • Or, Visit https://clients.brighthorizons.com/UCDavis   if prompted, enter Employer Username: UCDavis  /  Password: Benefits4You
  • If you experience any issues with access please email worklife@ucdavis.edu

Other Supports:

  • For children Age 5-12:  City of Sacramento Free Essential Worker Childcare Program for first responders and health care workers: read press release for details.  Parents who wish to enroll their children can register HERE by inputting Essential Worker Child Care, in the search box, and can they select their preferred location for the activity list.
  • Child Action Child Care referral system
  • The State has recently launched the portal, Mychildcare.ca.gov to track providers who are open and to offer information to parents seeking care.  This site continues to be updated daily by Resource &Referral agencies (Sacramento's Child Action is listed above) from each county who are reaching out to all licensed providers for current information about capacity.
  • Most elementary school-based Child Development Centers are open.  cdicdc.org
  • UC Davis Handshake can be utilized to post for child care providers who are UC Davis students:  See communication with instructions from Internship and Career Center.
  • UC Davis Health System Parent Resource Group  can be used as a way to connect child care services.

Coming Soon: Childcare Facility at UC Davis Health

To address a shortage of available licensed childcare for local working families, UC Davis Health, SMUD and Sacramento State University have joined forces to create a new child care center in Sacramento.
Details and FAQs: 

  • When will the new center be opening?  
  • We are anticipating a mid 2021 opening date for the new Child Development Center (CDC).
  • Where will the center be located?
  • The new CDC will be located at 6011 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento. We are referring to it as the "Folsom Boulevard Child Care Center" until a proper name has been determined. The center will be 17,000 square feet with an additional 15,000 square feet of outdoor space.  The building is owned by University Enterprises, Inc. (UEI), a nonprofit auxiliary organization of Sacramento State that creates and manages programs and services for the college.  SMUD has signed a 15 year lease on the property and SMUD, Sacramento State and UC Davis Health will share costs equally. Tenant improvements began in 2019 and are expected to take approximately 15 months.
  • Who will operate the center?
  • SMUD will conduct a Request for Proposals (RFP) in the near future to establish an operator.  The new CDC will be operated by an independent Child Development Center provider and will be required to be NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) accredited per operator agreement and partner contract.  NAEYC accreditation is the gold standard in child care and determines teacher/child ratios, safety standards, teacher administration and development, and high-quality educational standards.
  • How many child care slots will be available for UC Davis?
  • UC Davis will have an estimated 69 child slots, 1/3 the total anticipated number of slots (207) for the center shared between SMUD, Sacramento State, and UC Davis.  The slots will be split equally by age range.  All UC Davis affiliate families currently enrolled at the current SMUD owned Lighthouse Center will be guaranteed a space at the new facility.
  • What will be the UC Davis list priority?
  • After existing UC Davis children currently at the closing Lighthouse center are placed, there will be equal priority for UC Davis affiliates. Affiliates are defined as any personnel or student with an active student or employee ID including students, residents, fellows, post-docs, faculty, staff and visiting scholars.  Waitlists will be managed by the operator.  After UC Davis affiliates are served, any remaining slots will be offered to the other partners or the community.
  • What date can interested parties get on the waitlist? 
  • We anticipate the waitlist will be open early 2021 after an opening date is determined.  Information concerning the list will be made available at this site when determined.
  • Will there be subsidized care?
  • While the overall center will be subsidized by the SMUD/CSUS/UC Davis partnership to enable below-market tuition rates to their affiliates, individual rates will not be subsidized.  Please note that UC Davis students are eligible for the Student Parent Child Care Program and can utilize those funds to assist in their payment to the center.  
  • Will there be back-up care?   
  • Yes, back-up care is included in the planning.
  • What will be the hours of operation?
  • Operating hours have not been determined. However, the particular needs of UC Davis Health staff, students and faculty will be taken into consideration.
  • Where can I find updates and enrollment information?
  • Updates will be posted here at WorkLife as information is established and shared through UC Davis Health internal communication channels.  

Additional Child Care Resources & Subsidy Programs

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