UC Davis Student Parent Child Care Funding Program

The WorkLife & Wellness office, in coordination with Graduate Studies and the Financial Aid office, offers limited grants and loans to students with dependent children to support, and need assistance with child care expenses.

Unfortunately we will not be able to offer CBCG for summer 2018 (this summer).  However, we have been granted the ability to offer CBCG funds for Summer 2019 (next summer) for students enrolled 6 or more credits.

1.  Please read the fact sheets about the two funding programs:

  • The Community Based Care Grant is a financial need-based grant available to undergraduate, graduate and professional students. Funds not available for summer terms.
    CBCG Fact Sheet (PDF) 
  • The Graduate Student Child Care Grant is a financial need-blind grant (provides a $900 per quarter/$1350 per semester regardless of financial need and can be supplemented with additional funds from the CBCG program for those students who demonstrate financial need) for Graduate and Professional Students. Funds are available for summer quarter.
    GSCCG: Fact Sheet (PDF)

2. Determine the appropriate application based on your eligibility and needs:

I am an undergraduate student: 

I am a Graduate/Professional Student:

3. Submit your application in one of three ways:

  1. Fax to 530-752-4744
  2. In person to the Hubert Heitman Staff Learning Center (just south of the Silo complex)
  3. Scan and attach PDF or JPG to worklife@ucdavis.edu (preferred method)

Please note: 

  • Applications are processed on a rolling basis.
  • You must apply before or during the term for which you are requesting funds. 
  • Expect processing to take up to 8 weeks.
  • Funds are deposited into your student account.  As these grants are provided by UC Davis, the funds will be absorbed into any debt you may have in your account.
  • To expedite the process, please visit the Student Accounting webpage to set up direct deposit.
  • Grants are reportable income, you will receive a 1098T from UC Davis when your award is posted.


Please Note: If receiving additional funding other than what is currently posted on your financial aid package, including but not limited to Departmental awards, Fellowships, Stipends, Research or Teaching Assistantships (RA/TA) these funds may affect the amount/eligibility of your Child Care Grant. To ensure accuracy and avoid additional billing remember to report these Additional Resources by logging into MyAwards.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is this a child credit?
    • Funds are for child care expenses only. Grants are intended to help with child care costs so a student-parent can pursue their education at UC Davis.  A "provider" must be someone other than the child's parent.
    • Do I just apply for current term? 
    • For GSCCG, you may apply for the entire year (July -June) in the Summer or apply by term. Just be sure your child care provider indicates contracted care for the desired terms.

      For CBCG, you may apply for the academic year (Oct-June) during the summer months, in the fall, or apply by term. Just be sure your child care provider indicates contracted care for the desired terms.
    • What are defined as the terms?  
    • For students on the quarter system: Summer is July, Aug, Sept. Fall is October, November, December.  Winter is January, February, March. Spring is April, May June. Please note that there is some generality to this as much some months do not actually have classes all month. (GSCCG $900 per quarter)

      For students on the semester system:  Professional programs with usually no summer enrollment or ASE employment.  Fall is September, October, November, December. Spring is January, February, March, April, May. (GSCCG $1350 per semester).
    • Can I receive funds for terms which have passed? 
    • No. You must apply before or during the term for which you are requesting funds. (We use official University calendar dates (the end of a term is defined as the last day as instruction).
    • What about summer terms?  
    • The only funding available in summer (July Aug Sept) is the GSCCG program. Graduate or Professional students must be officially enrolled at least 9 credits in at least one summer session, an Academic Student Employee (AI, Reader, TA, Community Teaching Fellow, Remedial Tutor/Tutor) or a GSR (at least 25% appointment). Fellowship or outside internships are not considered employment for the summer grant.
    • What is Filing Fee?
    • Filing Fee status is when a graduate student has completed all requirements for their degree except for filing the master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation. They are technically not enrolled in coursework so we need to override the Financial Aid system to ensure funds. Students may be funded for one term( GSCCG only) on Filing Fee.
    • My family is expecting a baby during the academic year. When can I apply for funds?
    • If it is your first child you must wait until the child is born to apply. If you have already applied/approved for existing children, you can simply add the new child when needing childcare and will only need to supply the Child Care Provider information section for that addition.  Newborn care will be prorated from the week after birth.
    • Adult/Parent 2 does not provide any support to my child.
    • Complete and sign the section on the application that indicates that Parent 2 does not financially contribute to the child(ren).
    • I'm applying for financial-need based funding and I have completed the FAFSA (or Dream Act Application) and Adult/Parent 2 is reflected in it (filed as married). Do I need to provide additional financial information?
    • No, as long as both parents are included in the FAFSA we do not need additional financial information. If Adult/Parent 2 is not reflected in the FAFSA or Dream Act we need their financial section completed.  Please provide a copy of your My Awards Page or your FAFSA or Dream Act report.