Frequently Asked Questions about the AggieCard

  • Is there a cost for the first issue or replacement of a card?
  • There is no charge to either the individual or their department.
  • When will new employees receive their ID?
  • New employees should visit the New Employee Onboarding Center to obtain their Aggie ID Card. The New Employee Onboarding Center is located in the Memorial Union (MU), second floor.
  • What are the guidelines for providing my own photo?
  • If you choose to provide your own photo, it should be a clear, recognizable photo of your face in electronic format. Please email your picture (.jpeg file) to The photo should be taken on a white, off-white, or other professional background. The photo must be appropriate for a professional identification card. 
  • How long will it take for my card to be printed?
  • If you come to Memorial Union (MU), second floor to have your picture taken, a card will be printed as you wait (approximately 15 minutes for each appointment).
  • Are the campus ID cards the same as the ones issued at UCDMC? If I transfer from UCDMC, do I have to get a new card?
  • Due to cost considerations, the campus AggieCards do not contain the high-security features required on UCDMC identification cards. As such, employees that transfer from the campus to UCDMC will need to obtain a new identification card. Employees transferring from UCDMC to the campus do not.
  • Do I have to get a new card if I move to another department?
  • Employees who change departments are not required by the campus to obtain a new identification card.

  • What happens if I lose my ID card?
  • If the employee was issued a proximity card, the employee should report the loss immediately to their department to have it deactivated.

  • Do I need to get more than one ID card if I work in more than one department?
  • Since the primary function of the card is to identify you as a UCD employee, you only need one ID card, even if you work in multiple departments.

  • What do I do with the card if I leave the university?
  • ID cards should be collected by the department at the point of separation and either destroyed in-house, or sent to:

    Shared Services Organization Human Resources
    260 Cousteau Place, Suite 150
    Davis, CA 95618

  • How do employees who work off-site permanently get a photo ID if they're not in the Davis area?
  • Off-site employees will likely want to take advantage of our picture mail-in program as AggieCard staff will not travel outside the Davis area to take pictures. Please email your picture (.jpeg file) to The photo should be taken on a white, off-white, or other professional background. Your card will be available at the SSO office at 260 Cousteau Place, Davis, CA on the next business day.  If you are unable to pick up your card at the SSO, you will need to provide the name of your supervisor or other department contact. Your AggieCard will then be sent to your supervisor or other department contact to verify your identity.

    Due to security measures, AggieCards will not be released or mailed directly to the employee. This ID check applies to all employees without any exceptions.

  • Where can I get more information on the ID program?
  • More information on the ID program is available on the homepage.
  • What if I cannot come by the AggieCard Office to pick up my AggieCard?
  • You may choose to have someone else come by to the New Employee Onboarding Center in the Memorial Union (MU), second floor to pick up your ID as long as he/she has a valid picture ID and a letter of authorization by the individual on the card. The representative will assume ALL responsibility to check the information on the card before releasing it to the respective individual.
  • As a Retiree, what do I need to obtain an AggieCard?
  • You should bring the following:
    1. Photo ID
    2. Retirement confirmation letter (mailed from UCRS when retirement is confirmed) or direct deposit/SurePay pension statement (downloaded from the At Your Service website).

  • What services are available by using my Retiree ID Card?
  • Emeritus faculty and retired staff are eligible to use the library and receive discounts at campus venues.
  • Do I need my Retiree Identification Card to obtain my parking permit?
  • No, as long as you have a photo id and your UCRS retirement confirmation letter or direct deposit/Surepay pension statement (downloaded from the At Your Service website) you should be able to obtain your parking permit.
  • What do I do if my card is expired?
  • Employees who are Visiting Scholars or have Limited Appointments will have expiration dates on their ID cards. If their appointment has been extended they will need to visit the New Employee Onboarding Center in the Memorial Union (MU), second floor to obtain a current ID card. Before we can issue a new card we will take possession of the expired card.
  • How do I get an AggieCard that can be used as a key (proximity card) for entering my department's building of offices?
  • Please go to the AggieCard homepage and use ScheduleOnce to schedule an appointment for a new Proximity Card.
  • What is Aggie Cash?
  • Aggie Cash is a convenient debit account right on your UC Davis AggieCard. Make a deposit into your Aggie Cash account and you can swipe your card all over campus and at participating merchants to pay for the things you use every day. More information is available on the Aggie Cash website.
  • What happens if I need to replace an AggieCard?
  • Replacement AggieCards are available free of charge by scheduling an appointment or by submitting a request to: or 530-754-4772. You will be notified when your card is ready to be picked up.
  • What happens if I find a lost AggieCard?
  • If you find an AggieCard, return it to the Shared Services Organization office, at 260 Cousteau Place, Suite 150, Davis, CA or drop it into any U.S. Postal Service box and it will be routed to us through Finance, Operations & Administration.