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Temporary Child Care Options During COVID-19 

  • Children's Home Society:  Yolo County Resource and Referral Information and Subsidized Child Care  Resource & Referral information: 800-552-0400 or 530-645-6265  Assistance paying for child care: 530-645-6266
  • The State has recently launched the portal, Mychildcare.ca.gov to track providers who are open and to offer information to parents seeking care.  This site continues to be updated daily by Resource &Referral agencies (Yolo is listed above) from each county who are reaching out to all licensed providers for current information about capacity.
  • Most elementary school-based Child Development Centers are open.  cdicdc.org
  • The University of California provides Sittercity as part of Care Advantage to help you find in-home care.  This is a benefit to most staff (some represented groups opted out) and postdocs. Visit this WorkLife page to access information, a tutorial, and the UC-specific links for the Care Advantage.  
  • Davis Babysitter & Nanny Network for UCD, Davis, Woodland, Winters Facebook Page
  • Nextdoor has many students who have posted child care availability.
  • Many departments are using Slack to share/schedule child care with colleagues.

Child Care at UC Davis

There are five child care centers on the UC Davis campus. The Early childhood lab school is associated with the Department of Human and Community Development. The Law School operates a co-op for law students. The Hutchison, LaRue Park and Russell Park centers are operated by third party vendors located on campus.

  • Early Childhood Lab School at the Center for Child & Family StudiesThe Center for Child & Family Studies is a teaching, research and demonstration laboratory within the Department of Human Ecology. It enrolls children ages six month through five years in part-time (12 hours per week) active learning programs. Accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).
    • Contact: 244 1st Street | 530-752-2888 | Janet Thompson, Director
  • Hutchison Child Development CenterOperated by Bright Horizons Family Solutions. Accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).
    • Contact: 1055 Extension Center Drive | 530-752-7676 | Danielle Cinder, Director
  • LaRue Park Child Development Center: Operated by Campus Child Care Inc. Accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).
    • Contact: 50 Atrium Way | 530-753-8716 | Shelby Faria, Director
  • Russell Park Child Development Center: Operated by Campus Child Care Inc. Accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).
    • Contact: 400 Russell Park | 530-753-2487 | Tanya Chordas, Director
  • Perfect Tender Infant CareKing Law School Cooperative
    • Contact: 530-752-4955 | nursery@law.ucdavis.edu

Child Care Located in the Community


There are a variety of child care settings from which to choose, depending upon your needs. You are best qualified to judge which setting will be most appropriate for your family. These include child care centers, nursery schools, cooperatives, playgroups and recreation programs licensed by the state to serve infants through school-age children.

Part-time and full time preschools and daycare centers:

Family Child Care Homes

This option offers care for small groups of children, infants to 12 years old, in the provider's private residence. Anyone who provides paid care in their home for the children of more than one family at a time is required by state law to have a family child care license, and is considered self-employed. Rates, schedules and calendars vary by home. 

After School Care

Child Care within Your Home

This is care provided by babysitters, nannies and au pairs, who are considered domestic employees exempt from licensing. Background checks for criminal convictions and child abuse are available through Trustline Registry.

Advertisements for sitters may be posted at the following locations:

  • Orchard Park Apartments
    Community Bulletin Boards
    Bldgs. 23 & 25 | 530-752-3959
  • Solano Park Apartments
    Community Bulletin Board
    Building 27 | 530-752-3958

Additional Resources

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