Answers to your most frequently asked questions. 

  • How do I hire an employee?
  • If you are a provisioned user, go to aggieservice.ucdavis.edu and you will have several options to choose from: i.e., creating an "open recruitment" to collect applicant resumes, or hiring a "pre-selected" candidate. (For additional guidance, contact your department HR Generalist.)
  • How do I separate an employee?
  • A separation case will need to created at aggieservice.ucdavis.edu by a licensed user. Once there, select: Job Changes>Termination. The form will guide you through the steps.
  • I asked a question and haven’t gotten an answer, what do I do?
  • Ask A Question cases are typically responded to within 24 hours.  If you have not been contacted, please call the Service Desk at 530-754-4772. 
  • How do I pay an honorarium or one-time payment to someone outside of UC Davis?
  • The Disbursement Voucher (DV) document is used to make payments to an outside supplier who are not related to the procurement of goods or services. The Payee will be added to the KFS Vendor Table and Contracting Services will contact the vendor for a W-9 form before a payment can be processed. (This will cause a delay in processing the payment.) If supporting documentation is not available, please complete the Honoraria Payment Form. The honorarium check will be printed and mailed to the Payee's address on file the day after the event.
  • What do I do if I submitted my timesheet late? (Campus)
  • If your your timesheet has been submitted after the UC Path payroll processing deadline, it will be paid out in the next pay cycle.  For other timesheet issues, please have your supervisor submit an Ask A Question case in Aggie Service.

  • How do I verify my chart of account string?
  • Contact your department Mapping Lead or submit your question to Aggie Enterprise.
  • Where should I go to sign up for Benefits?
  • Benefits are selected in UC Path at time of hire, as well as during open enrollment, precluding a life event. For more information you can contact benefits@ucdavis.edu
  • What resources are available for retirees?
  • UC Davis has a Retiree Center: https://retireecenter.ucdavis.edu/ or you can visit the Retiree Administration Service Center: https://hr.ucdavis.edu/employees/benefits/retirement-savings/rasc
  • What's the process for obtaining or replacing an employee ID?
  • The employee ID is now called Aggie Access. Full instructions here: https://hr.ucdavis.edu/departments/shared-services/sso/hr/onboarding/id. Any questions, email employeeid@ucdavis.edu
  • How do I get my PSLF form signed?
  • To obtain the employer information and signatures you need, see the tips provided to submit your forms to UC Path here.
  • How can I get my W2?
  • Your W2 can be obtained by logging into UCPath and selecting Employee Actions>Income and Taxes>View W-2/W-2C Forms from the menu on the left. Former employees will need to go to UC Path, select University Of California Former Employees, and click on "Create Account" to create your former employee account using your personal email address.  
  • How do I rectify a paycheck deduction issue?
  • Go to UC Path and submit an "Ask UC Path" inquiry with details, call 855-982-7284, or emailing ucpath@universityofcalifornia.edu
  • I'm missing pay. What do I do?
  • Please submit a Report a Problem case in AggieService with details. 
  • How do I verify employment?
  • - For current and former employees:  go to UC Path, using the menu at the left, navigate to Employee Actions > Income and Taxes > Verification of Employment. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Generate Summary Report
    - For employers: UC uses The Work Number and provide them with the UC Employer Code (15975).
  • How do I review a personnel file?
  • Go to aggieservice.ucdavis.edu and create an Ask A Question case including pertinent details, or email your request with details to aggieservice@ucdavis.edu
  • How do I make timesheet changes?
  • If it's prior to the UC Path payroll deadline, you can recall your timesheet in TRS and make necessary changes. If it's past the payroll deadline/prior pay period, you can submit a case in AggieService
  • How do I rectify service credit and accrual issues (Vacation, Sick, PTO, service years)
  • If you discover an inaccuracy with time accrued or service credits, visit aggieservice.ucdavis.edu and submit an Ask a Question case.  Please include specific details. 
  • Why am I being deducted for DC Safe Harbor?
  • There are certain UC Davis positions that do not pay into Social Security benefits. Instead, the University enrolls you into a retirement plan called DC Safe Harbor Plan. Nonresident aliens for U.S. tax purposes are not subject to Medicare and Social Security/DC Safe Harbor Plan (also know as FICA). It is likely that your residency status changed from a nonresident to a resident for US tax purposes by passing the substantial presence test. All residents for tax purposes are subject to FICA or DCP, depending on their position.
  • How do I update my UC Path Business Phone Number and Business Email?
  • Go to aggieservice.ucdavis.edu and submit an Ask A Question case. Your case will be forwarded to the appropriate department for resolution. 
  • How do I make suggestions for changes and improvements in Aggie Service?
  • Issues and ideas are brought to a monthly technical team meeting to discuss and prioritize additional improvements to Aggie Service. If you have suggestions for improvements to the system, contact aggieservice@ucdavis.edu


If you have a question that hasn't been addressed above, please contact aggieservice@ucdavis.edu and we will do our best to find an answer. 

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