ePerformance Learning Resources

UCPath ePerformance learning resources, training and job aids are available to help employees and supervisors understand their roles in completing the annual employee performance appraisal and probationary evaluations.

Video Recording for Employees & Supervisors

Covers probationary evaluations and annual employee performance appraisals, and the roles of employees and supervisors.

Job Aids

Step-by-step guides outlining necessary steps to complete ePerformance functions:

More information about Probationary Evaluations is available on the Probationary Evaluations for Staff Pages

UCPath Tips

  • Supervisors and managers should confirm that their list of direct reports is correct in UCPath. A tutorial for accessing a list of direct reports is available in UCPath Online Help.
  • If a supervisor has a large number of direct reports, consider requesting an Employee Roster report from their HR Business Partner, departmental HR or Academic Personnel contact.
  • If a supervisor is missing direct reports or they are incorrect, they should submit an AggieService case to their Service Channel.
  • Managers can view all indirect reports’ appraisal documents in UCPath ePerformance via Manager Self Service, provided their direct reports (i.e., supervisors) have started and saved appraisal content for the employee. If the appraisal has not been started AND saved, this information will not be viewable by the manager.
  • ePerformance Annual Appraisal Timeline (.pdf) outlines the roll out of ePerformance for appraisal dates for all employee groups.
  • UC Davis requested that the central UCPath team create a new security role in ePerformance that would provide inquiry-only access to staff (e.g., HR Business Partners) who have a business need to view documents in ePerformance for employees that do not report to them. More information will be forthcoming.