Performance Appraisal Ratings

Represented and Non-Represented staff are evaluated using the same 5-level rating scale at the Davis Campus and at UC Davis Health.

The performance appraisal ratings for most staff employees are:

  • Exceptional: Performance far exceeded expectations
  • Exceeded Expectations: Performance consistently exceeded expectations
  • Fully Achieved Expectations: Fully achieved and at times may have exceeded expectations
  • Some Expectations Met: Performance occasionally met expectations but was inconsistent
  • Expectations Not Met: Immediate improvement is needed

Represented Nurses and some patient care technical employees at UC Davis Health and Police Officers do not use the 5-level rating scale. 

Understanding the 5-Level Rating Scale
The rating that an employee receives is meant to reflect their performance over the appraisal period, as measured by:

  • Achievements and performance of key job functions
  • Progress in achieving goals
  • Behavior 

Appraisal Ratings Matrix
Each of the levels and their performance attributes are described more fully in the matrix document.

See Performance Appraisal Rating Matrix (PDF)