Personnel Records & Resources

There are three files for each staff employee: a payroll file in Finance, the central personnel file in Human Resources, and a departmental personnel file in the employee's department.

This Personnel Documents Distribution lists the normative contents of the payroll, central and departmental personnel files.

Access to these files is governed by state law and university policy:

  • Policy 80 and UCD Procedure 80 (for non-represented employees)
  • Union contract articles on "Records" or "Personnel Files" (for employees represented by a union).

The best summary of these documents is contained in UCD Policy & Procedure Manual 320-20: Privacy of and Access to Information.

Inspecting Personnel Files:

Employees may inspect their own central personnel file, supervisors may inspect the files of employees they supervise, and hiring authorities may inspect the files of employees who are being considered for their vacancies. The files may be viewed by appointment at the Human Resources Administration Building, located on Orchard Road, during business hours. Please note, these requests take at least 24 hours to process.

For an appointment, telephone or e-mail:

Employee and Labor Relations
University of California
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 754-8892

Personnel Processes:

In addition to viewing your personnel file or the file of a potential hire, there are several additional personnel processes on campus that are handled by various staff in Employee and Labor Relations: we answer unemployment insurance questions and process employee complaints. 

Please review the following table to get more information or to contact the appropriate staff member:

Staff Member


Employee and Labor Relations
(530) 754-8892 (Davis) or (916) 734-3362 (Health) (Davis) or (Health)

Request for Information (Davis)

Union Grievances

Employee Complaints (PPSM-70)

Angela Black, Employee and Labor Relations Coordinator
Phone: (916) 734-3362

Request for Information (Health)


Pam Fiorini, Employee and Labor Relations Coordinator
Phone: (530) 752-4915 or (Unemployment Insurance)

Personnel Files (Davis)

Unemployment Insurance (Davis/Health)

Membership Election Forms (PX/BX Only)

Katie Fuller, Collective Bargaining Specialist
(530) 752-6664 (Davis) or (Health)

Notices to Unions 

Union Business Leaves

The Work Number® (TWN)
Automated service providing employees with the ability to quickly deliver proof of employment or income.

Verification of Employment, Income

Subpoenas for Personnel Records

A subpoena is a court order compelling a person or representative of an organization to deliver all records described in the subpoena to a named person on or before a given date. The person named in the subpoena must provide all records in their possession, but need not provide records they do not possess or create records that do not exist.

Policy & Procedure Manual Section 320-30, outlines procedures to be followed by campus departments upon receipt of a legal notice such as a claim, summons & complaint, or subpoena. UC Davis Health departments should refer to UC Davis Health Hospital Policies & Procedures Manual Section 1503 for appropriate procedures.

Employee Access to Records & Subpoena Protocols - Police & Fire Procedures

Type of Records Request

Office Handled by



Staff Records (Davis)
(Central Personnel Files Only)

Human Resources –
Employee & Labor Relations

HR Administration Building

(530) 754-8892

Staff Records (Health)
(Central Personnel Files Only)

Human Resources –
Shared Services Organization
Ticon III Building

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Academic Employee Records

Offices of the Chancellor and Provost -
Academic Personnel

Mrak, 5th Floor

(530) 752-2072

Student Employee Records

Student Employment Center

Dutton Hall

(530) 752-0520

Graduate Student Employee Records

Office of Graduate Studies

250 Mrak

(530) 752-0650

Work Comp Appeals Board Subpoena

Workers Compensation

276 Hoagland Hall
Ticon III Building

(530) 752-7243 (Davis)
(916) 734-6180 (Health)

Wage Records

Payroll Services

1441 Research Park Dr. (Davis)

4990 Broadway (Health)

(530) 757-8550 (Davis)
(916) 734-9150 (Health)

School of Medicine & UC Davis Health Employee Records

UC Davis Health Information Management (HIM) Department

2315 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento

(916) 734-5205

Requests Involving the Coordination of Records
From Multiple Offices
(except Workers' Comp. Appeals Board Subpoenas)

Office of the Campus Counsel

Mrak Hall
5th Floor

(530) 754-6295

For All Other Records Requests

Office of the Campus Counsel

Mrak Hall
5th Floor

(530) 754-6295