Academic Advisor Certificate Series

UC Davis Academic Advisor Certificate is designed to fit the needs of advisors with varying amounts of experience and knowledge. 

Level One

This certificate establishes a baseline of knowledge that includes an introduction to critical campus resources and technology, as well as content that covers fundamental advising concepts. Courses reflect conceptual, informational, and relational student advising competency areas, derived from NACADA’s Advisor Training Competencies.  While the Office of Academic Advising urges all advisors to complete this foundational coursework, it is particularly important information for advisors who are new to the profession or new to UC Davis.  While the Level One certificate is not required, the Developing Deeper Advising Relationships series is a mandatory training workshop for ALL college and departmental advisors. To achieve certification at level one, you must complete four core courses, as well as one elective course within a recommended two-year timeframe.



Level Two

Level Two Certification is known as the Academic Advisor Professional Development Project (AAPDP).  Enrollment is dependent upon completion of Level One Certification, additionally all enrollees must have worked in an advising position for at least five years with at least two years as an advisor at UC Davis.  AAPDP emphasizes a greater depth of material while fostering further specialization.  Advisors follow a structured independent project with guidance from an approved mentor to address a challenge or capitalize on an opportunity. A pilot program is underway.

Level Three 

After successful implementation and proven sustainability of the Level Two Certification, planning will begin for the scholarly Level Three Certification geared toward academically driven advisors with research and publishing goals.

Certificate Sponsor

Office of Academic Advising, Undergraduate Education

Contact: Nicole Wood,