Developing Deeper Advising Relationships is a four-part series that is mandatory for all college and departmental advisors.

Course Description

For credit, you must complete the four sessions sequentially, within the block as registered. You will start and finish within a single cohort. For example, you cannot attend sessions 1 & 2 of the Fall Block, then 3  & 4 of the Winter Block. For clarification or questions, please contact Nicole Wood in the Office of Academic Advising:

Session 1: The Role of Social Justice in Advising

Session 1 of the workshop series was fostered by the work of the Social Justice Advisory Committee; it focuses on establishing a common definition and understanding of social justice on campus and its importance in academic advising. Topics include: understanding equity vs. equality in a university setting, acknowledging limitations and biases, brave space vs. safe space, and using inclusive language.

Session 2: Self-Awareness and Awareness of One's Own World View

Session 2 focuses on the importance of self-awareness and offers participants the opportunity to engage in dialogue about their multiple identities and how those identities impact their work with a diverse student population.

Session 3: Cultural Humility: Unpacking Bias and ‘Ally’ as a Verb

Session 3 promotes the creation of a Brave Space in advising, incorporating Cultural Humility, discusses the impact of stereotypes and bias on us all, and developing as an Ally in our campus community and advising practice.  

Session 4: Developing Effective Communication Skills

Session 4 provides staff with the tools for developing more effective communication skills and the ability to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with students across individual contexts and cultures.


Instructors facilitate sessions on a rotating basis. [More information]

Dates | Time | Location

Summer 2019
July 17
July 31
August 14
August 28
Summer series held at: 136 Hoagland Hall

Winter 2020:
January 22
February 5
February 20
March 4
Winter series held at: 136 Hoagland Hall

Summer 2020
July 15
July 29
August 12
August 26
Summer series held at: 136 Hoagland Hall


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