Organizational Excellence Inclusive Leader

Session 2: Commitment

In this session we will explore how aligning your personal values with the business need for diversity and inclusion is the foundation of being an inclusive leader. You will gain understanding for how your values support inclusivity and increase your commitment to this work. 

Session 6: Cultural Intelligence- Because Not Everyone Sees the World Through the Same Cultural Lens

Inclusive leaders are confident and effective in cross-cultural interactions. They see the benefit of learning about different cultures, seek relevant knowledge to operate cross culturally, and embrace any necessary adaptations. In this session you will examine what cultural intelligence means in your environment and how you can gain both the knowledge and adaptability to lead effectively.

Becoming An Inclusive Leader: Six Key Skills for Thriving in a Diverse New World

Diversity—of locations, customers, ideas and talent—is an omnipresent part of today’s work environment. When leaders have clarity about what it means to be highly inclusive, they're positioned for success. Join the Organizational Excellence team in this interactive, research-based monthly series that prepares leaders to develop inclusive workplaces where everyone feels valued and respected.