Vacation Maximums

The Vacation Plan Worksheet is for employees and supervisors to use when the employee is at or near the maximum vacation accrual.

Completing the Worksheet:

  1. The employee fills out the top line and gets the information for the second line from the department personnel assistant.

  2. The employee completes the "Employee's Vacation Request" box. The hours requested should be enough to bring the balance below the maximum by a significant amount.

  3. The supervisor fills out the "Supervisor's Response" box.

  4. The employee and supervisor fill out the left side of the section marked "Agreement and Time Record." The supervisor retains the original and gives the employee a copy.

  5. As time goes by, the employee and the supervisor each record the actual hours, until the plan is carried out.

Vacation Grace Period Procedure

  1. Sixty days before the employee reaches the vacation maximum, the supervisor (or time and attendance system) notifies the employee that the employee is approaching the maximum. A Vacation Plan Worksheet may be used if desired.

  2. If the employee does not request vacation, no further action is necessary. Accruals will stop when the vacation balance reaches maximum, and resume when the balance goes below maximum.

  3. If the employee requests vacation and the supervisor denies the request, they try to agree on an alternative. If they can't, the employee becomes entitled to the 4-month grace period. Requests to exceed the maximum vacation accrual limit requires approval from the department head and Employee and Labor Relations. See UCD Procedure 2.210.III.B.   

  4. The employee and supervisor must fill out and sign the Vacation Plan. The original of the form is kept in the department and used to keep track of both accruals and usage.

  5. UC Davis Health only: The next level manager reviews and signs the form. The department sends a copy of the form to the UC Davis Health Payroll Office.

  6. The department uses OPTRS (at Health, the Payroll office uses Form 644D) to make the appropriate entries in the payroll system to ensure proper accounting for the vacation cost liability.

    • Alternative A: The VLA (vacation accrued) and VAC (vacation used) entries are made on or before the cutoff date for each pay period, via the OPTRS rosters.

    • Alternative B: When the employee goes below the maximum, or at the end of the four-month grace period (whichever is later), the appropriate payroll system entries are made for the entire grace period, via the OPTRS EDLR late pay screens. The comments field should list the accrual and usage for each month and the name and telephone number of the preparer.