Presentations for Retirees

UC Retiree Medical Plans for 2019

Retiree Presentation and Help Desk Schedule Fall 2018:  Presentations aimed at helping you understand your options during open enrollment.

Slides and streaming video of narrated slide shows will be posted shortly after the sessions.


UC Retiree Medical Plans for 2018

  • PowerPoint slides
  • Local provider availability: More on UC Medical Plans
    • Note for Medicare retirees in Davis: Sutter primary care physicians in Davis/Sacramento are not currently accepting new Medicare patients. This means that UC High Option/UC Medicare PPO members who have not seen Sutter doctors before, and who want Sutter for primary care, may need to choose Sutter PCPs in other towns. Alternately, members of those plans could choose a non-Sutter doctor in Davis for primary care, but still access Sutter specialists. (Some Sutter primary care doctors in Davis/Sacramento are still taking new Health Net Seniority Plus patients.)
  • Retiree rates: 2018 Retiree Premium Estimator [Excel]
  • Regional medical plan availability:  The 2018 UC Medical Plan Availability tool [Excel] indicates plan availability by ZIP code and county.

Streaming Video