Medicare & Retired Employees

Medicare for UC Retirees

The Medicare Fact Sheet: UC's Medicare policies for retirees (PDF) describes UC's policies around Medicare for UC retirees.

Coordinating Medicare with UC retiree health plans is not automatic. Eligible retirees (and their covered family members) will receive instructions that state "Action Required" from the Retirement Administration Service Center starting three months prior to the month that they turn 65.

Retirees (and covered family members) who qualify for Medicare Part A for free at age 65 (or earlier due to disease or disability) must enroll in Part B and coordinate Medicare with their UC medical coverage unless:

  • They live outside the U.S.A., and/or
  • Retired at age 65 or older prior to July 1, 1991 and were not enrolled in Medicare at that time.

For local assistance from UC health plan specialists, particularly when you need to coordinate Medicare with UC retiree health insurance for the first time, call your HCF—ideally three months prior to the month that you turn 65.