Welcome to the University of California, Davis

Onboarding provides employees with the necessary tools, resources and support to foster confidence in the University, and in their ability to achieve success in their new role. New and returning employees are required to participate in an onboarding session on or before their first day of work. 

The employee onboarding presentation will: 

  • provide an overview of our culture, campus tools, and support systems
  • highlight the many benefits of belonging
  • give a demonstration of our employee self-service portal and time card system
  • provide support to complete necessary hiring paperwork

There is also time allotted to assist employees with access to campus systems, signing their hiring paperwork through Docusign, provide specific information about benefits and answer any questions that may have surfaced through the onboarding process.

Onboarding sessions last approximately an hour and are offered to new hires, re-hires and interlocation transfers.

Employee Experience

In an effort to showcase the many benefits available to our UC Davis employees, we have created a one-stop-shop resource guide. Please visit our Employee Toolkit for an overview of our campus tools and support services at UC Davis. 

New employees can also utilize our Onboarding Forms to:

  • help navigate tasks required prior to the first day at work
  • come prepared to the onboarding session on first day of work

Once you are onboarded, you will receive a copy of the important information needed to navigate various systems at UC Davis. In addition, you have access to the New Employee Checklist to help you navigate your first year at UC Davis. 


Employee working at the UCDPD office.

Staff Background Check Process


Two employees smile and talk in an office.

Effective January 1, 2024 UC Davis campus will be using Universal Background Screening to process all required staff and student background checks.

There are select positions that may require a LiveScan fingerprinting background check. These include positions directly supervising youth, police and security officers, and federal grant-funded positions that specify LiveScan.

UC Davis is committed to providing a safe and secure environment to students, patients, employees, affiliates, and visitors; to protect University assets, to make prudent employment decisions, and to be a place of integrity. In order to fulfill its commitment, the University conducts criminal background checks on individuals in critical positions.

A criminal background checks is performed after the final candidate is given an offer of employment contingent on clearing the criminal background check and any other requirements (e.g., pre-employment health screening).

For more information, visit the UC Davis Background Checks web page and UC PPSM 21 – Appointment & Selection.

Pre-Placement Medical Exam

To ensure employee safety and well-being, mandatory pre-placement medical exams are required prior to making a hiring decision for certain job titles.

Medical testing is based on essential job functions and is performed by the medical staff at Occupational Health Services.

Tracker I-9 @ UC Davis

Tracker I-9 is an online tool used by all UCs to manage and increase compliance of the Federal I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification forms. 

All new and returning employees must complete required steps and provide documentation to verify their identity and authorization to work in the US. 

What Does Tracker Do?
  • Processes all I-9s digitally, removing the need to fill out and scan paper forms.
  • Allows the employee to fill out Section 1 of the form before they arrive for their first day.
  • Allows a third party/campus processor (Authorized Representative) to validate documents remotely for Section 2.
  • Tracks compliance of I-9 forms over time: 
    • Timeliness
    • Renewals
    • E-verify
    • Reverification



Three employees talk while sitting at a conference table.
Tracker I-9 Resources and Information

Instructions for new and returning* employees, and their Authorized Representative (if applicable) are included in the welcome email that is sent after a hire date is established. 

*Some returning employees will have an active I-9 that will allow them to skip this process. The employee identification documents will still need to be witnessed, and instructions will be provided in your welcome email.

The use of an Authorized Representative (AR) is designated for new and returning hires that are not working on campus on their first day. The employee will be asked to identify an AR during their offer call, and the AR will be added to the Tracker I-9 workflow.

This process is initiated after the employee receives the welcome email confirming the onboarding information.

  • The employee will receive an email requesting completion of Section 1 
    • The email will come from i9complete@trackercorp.com or employment.authorization@universityofcalifornia.edu
    • If you do not receive this email, please check your SPAM or JUNK folder before reaching out to Talent Acquisition
  • Once Section 1 is complete, the AR will receive an email allowing access to the Tracker I-9 portal to confirm the employee’s identification
  • The employee must present the required document(s) to the AR in person in order to verify their identity and legal right to work in the US 
    • The document(s) must be original and valid - expired documents and copies will NOT be accepted
  • After reviewing the employee identification, the AR will complete Section 2 online 
    • The AR should ensure details populated in Tracker I9 are accurate
    • The AR should NOT attach an image of the employee documents in the Tracker portal

To learn more about the Track I-9 process at UC Davis, including instructions for new/returning employees and requirements for remote I-9’s, please email the Talent Acquisition team at hiring@ucd.edu.

For more information about Tracker I-9 Complete, including a user manual, visit the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) I-9 Complete website.