New Employee Checklist

Download Checklist as PDF to print and complete

Section I: Preparing for Your New Employee’s Arrival: Before the First Day


Work Environment and Location

  • Space
  • Furniture
  • Name plate
  • Supplies and Equipment
  • Keys or access card

Computer and Computing Access

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Networks
  • Shared folders
  • Distribution lists
  • Online time reporting system

Voice Communications

  • Telephone services
  • Mobile devices  



  • Announcement
  • Coordination with department and university staff that will be assisting with the process
    • Human Resources (business office, Shared Service Center, administrative cluster)
    • Information Technology
    • Facilities
  • Buddy
  • Schedules
    • Itinerary for first week
    • Benefits orientation
    • Appointments with key personnel

Section II & III: Welcoming Your New Employee: the First Day and First Week


  • Greet upon arrival
  • Plan for the first day
  • Department vision, mission and relationship to employee’s job
  • Department head
  • Buddy
  • Co-workers
  • Lunch 

Work Environment

Computing Access 

Policies, Procedures and Paperwork

New Employee Forms:

Position Description (from the Library in the People Admin Position Management system) 

Wages and Hours

  • Hours of operation, work schedules, rest periods, workplace flexibility
  • Time reporting
  • Absence from Work policy
  • Salary, overtime, shift and weekend differential, incentive awards
  • Pay periods, paychecks/Surepay
  • Merit eligibility and cycles

Safety Plans

Administrative Matters 


Training and Development

Performance Management

Section IV: Learning the Routine: the First Month

Policies, Procedures and Paperwork

Training and Development

Performance Management

  • Assignments and timelines
  • Instructions and resources
  • Weekly reviews of goals and deliverables
  • Increasing scope and complexity of work
  • Contact Human Resources if there are any significant performance/behavior concerns

Section V: Mastering the Role: the First Six Months

Training and Development

  • SMART goals 
  • Variety of project types and learning opportunities
  • Future projects and assignments per Individual Development Plan (IDP) 
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Department and campus mission revisited
  • Campus Community Relations’ Diversity Education Program

Performance Management

Section VI: Encouraging Employee Engagement: the First Year

Training and Development

Performance Management


Community Involvement