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AggieService FAQs


About AggieService 

  • What is AggieService?
  • The AggieService case management system tracks all human resource and payroll transactions for clients of the Shared Services Organization, College of Engineering and Division of Social Sciences, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, UC Davis Health, and UC Davis School of Medicine. For all other UC Davis employees, AggieService can be used to ask a question, report a problem or get phone numbers to access help for talent acquisition and recruitment, reclassification, compensation, payroll and benefits.

    The future vision for AggieService is to serve as a UC Davis community portal with easy access to all employee services. The next phase will include more service lines from Human Resources, for example.
  • Who can use AggieService?
  • Anyone at UC Davis can use AggieService to ask a question, report a problem or get phone numbers to access help for talent acquisition and recruitment, reclassification, compensation, payroll and benefits. Authorized clients are able to submit and track cases. 
  • What cases do authorized clients have access to submit?
  • Human Resources: Recruitment, Reclassification / Position Management, Onboarding, Reports-to Changes, Stipends, Equities, Personnel File Management. 
    Payroll: Appointment Changes, End Appointments, Separations, One-Time Payments, Timesheet Changes, and various Central Payroll requests. Student only requests include adding Workstudy, Longevity / Special Recognition Increases and Additional Employment. Academic only Requests include Merit / Promotion, Salary / Cost Recovery, and Summer  / Additional Compensation. 
    Leaves: Leave Requests (Campus Only)
  • How long does it take to get my question answered?
  • Once you ask a question in AggieService, you receive an automatic email confirming your question was received. Depending on the type of question you asked, the responsible unit on campus will receive your inquiry and route it to the appropriate person for a response.
  • What kinds of questions can I ask in AggieService?
  • Any general question related to talent acquisition and recruitment, reclassification, compensation, payroll or benefits can be asked. Specific questions often require the attention of your supervisor, but general questions are welcomed by AggieService. We’ll use your questions to begin building a searchable database of answers to the most common questions we receive.

    For example:
    > I submitted a reclassification request, can you provide me with the status of that request?
    > My friend is applying for a job for which I’m recruiting, can I still remain the Hiring Manager?
    > Can you tell me how to change my beneficiary information?
    > I’m adopting a child; do I have to wait for open enrollment to add them to my medical insurance?

  • What is a case team?
  • A case team is a group of users who have lateral visibility of all cases created by all users in that team.

    A case team cannot necessarily view all cases created under a specific department code, the team can only view what is created by members of that team.

  • How do I create a case team?
  • A case team is created when a group of users request to view each other's cases. Case team members are essentially permanent watchers of all cases created by members of that team.

    If your department has a need for a case team, please contact the Service Desk at 754-4772.

  • How can I receive training on how to use the AggieService system?
  • Please visit our training webpage for details on how to sign up. Also check out our reference guide webpage for great resources like our Client Reference Manual.

    The future vision for AggieService training is to move toward online training that can be taken on demand. 
  • I asked a question and haven’t gotten an answer, what do I do?
  • Once you ask a question in AggieService, you receive an automatic email confirming that your question was received. Depending on the type of question you asked, the responsible unit on campus receives your inquiry and routes it to the appropriate person for an answer. If the response is taking longer than you expected, you can call the Service Desk to help track your inquiry. Each question that is submitted into the system automatically generates a tracking number, so we can track each question until it gets answered.
  • I want to talk to a live person, can I do that instead?
  • Sure - the AggieService community portal has an option to access phone numbers so you can speak with someone. That person may suggest you submit the question in the online AggieService form, or they may submit the question for you. But either way, the question is logged and given a tracking number to ensure it is resolved.
  • How do I report a problem with the AggieService system itself?
  • Contact AggieService@ucdavis.edu if you have any technical problems with the system. Critical problems are handled immediately. Other issues are brought to a monthly technical team to discuss and prioritize additional improvements to the system.
  • Why AggieService and why now?
  • Not only does AggieService give us a “head start” on the UC Path implementation (UC Path is using Salesforce as its case management system), it also:
    > Integrates with other campus systems like KFS, PeopleAdmin, PPS, Banner and Identity and Access Management.
    > Provides transparent connections between central units, shared services teams (Campus SSO, DSS, and COE) and their customers.
    > Simplifies the process to escalate concerns and/or work.
    > Provides a level of visibility we’ve never had into where the work “is.”
    > Provides us a method to better understand workload.
    > Provides units with metrics and dashboards.
    > Provides us with scalability, especially as the SSO continues to add additional clients across UC Davis.
    > Replaces other systems currently used by the SSO, COE, and DSS and moves toward a common campus technology.

    In addition, the system is intuitive and user friendly using point and click interfaces. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see how it works, you can check out these two example videos (below) that showcase the Salesforce technology upon which AggieService is built. The videos are not specific to the exact look and feel of our AggieService system, but they'll give you a broad picture of the capabilities we have available. (FYI, choosing the links below will take you to a YouTube page not sponsored by UCD).

    Supporting Customer Service
    Mobile Friendly


Access and Login

  • How do I request access to AggieService?
  • Campus Employees: Access to AggieService requires approval. If you are unsure who approves your access, please submit an Ask a Question and the Service Desk will direct you to the appropriate approver for your department. 
    Health System / School of Medicine: For Staff actions, please request access via IT Service Catalog. For Academic actions, please contact the Academic Personnel team. 
  • How do I login to AggieService?
  • Go to our community portal at aggieservice.ucdavis.edu. Use the Login button in the upper right hand corner of the web page. Use the "Login with CAS" option, located below the username/password fields. Authenticate yourself using Kerberos ID/Password and DUO. You will be redirected to the community portal and your name will appear in the upper right hand corner. 
  • Why am I getting a sign-on error when logging in?
  • There are 2 possible reasons:

    1. Please confirm that you are using the "Login with CAS" option. Do not use the Username/Password fields. In addition to using CAS, AggieService is DUO enabled. 

    2. You may not have been granted access. Please refer to "How do I request Access to AggieService?". If you have already been given access and you believe there is an error, please contact our helpdesk at 530.754.4772 or email aggieservice@ucdavis.edu.