Union Information Requests

The University is required by law and by terms in the Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) to provide information.

Higher Education Employer Employee Relations Act (HEERA)

HEERA gives union representatives the right to obtain information from the University that is necessary and relevant to the representation of their members. HEERA does not provide such rights to non-exclusive representatives or to individual employees — only to unions that have been certified as exclusive representatives of UC employees. Requests for information under HEERA should be submitted to Employee and Labor Relations (ELR). ELR will review the request, determine what parts of it must be provided under the law, and respond to the union's request.

Unions should submit information requests to: 

If a department receives a request, the department should contact ELR at the designated email address above.


Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA)

CBAs may require the University to provide certain information either periodically or under certain circumstances.  ELR coordinates provision of information under CBAs.


California Public Records Act (PRA)

The PRA requires the University, a public entity, to provide information about its activities to any member of the public. The law contains a list of exceptions (for example, to protect the privacy of employees from unreasonable intrusion), but any record that does not fall within an exception must be provided. Generally, unions have the same rights to request information under the PRA as members of the public. To request information under the PRA contact Campus Counsel.