Employee Complaint Process

Employee Relations at UC Davis is here to assist the campus community on issues dealing discrimination, harassment or unfair treatment.

Complaint Process: General Information

The university and various federal and state agencies have established processes for employees to complain about inappropriate or incorrect acts by university employees. The complaint process largely depends on whether the complainant is represented by a union. 

This table summarizes some of the most important processes and provides, for each one, the general timeline for filing a claim and a link to follow for further information.

Subject of Complaint Contact  Initial Filing Deadline  Further information

Management act that adversely affects a non-represented employee or violates personnel policy

Employee & Labor Relations 30 days PPSM 70 and UCD Procedure 70
Grievance (violation of a union contract article)   30 days Union contract articles on Grievance and Arbitration
Improper Governmental Activities/Whistleblower Protection Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost None UCD Policy & Procedure 380-17
Improper Activities Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost None UCD Policy & Procedure 380-17
Discrimination because of race, sex, national origin, age, or other protected factor Staff Affirmative Action & Diversity or California Department of Fair Employment & Housing 1 year UCD Policy & Procedure 380-15
Sexual Harassment Harassment and Discrimination Assistance Prevention Program  None UCD Policy & Procedure 400-20
Unfair Labor Practice   6 months Public Employment Relations Board
Misconduct by a member of the Academic Senate UC Davis Academic Affairs 3 years Academic Personnel Manual UCD-015

Represented Employees: Information & Policies

Non-Represented Employees: Information & Policies

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