Waiver of Recruitment


Department request for waiving an open recruitment process.

A department may request that an open recruitment process be waived for a career or contract position/appointment in exceptional circumstances only. It is generally the best practice to conduct an open recruitment process. This applies to PSS, MSP, and SMG positions. 

Department Responsibilities:

  • Ensure you have an accurate position description ready.
  • Identify the need for waiver for recruitment. 
  • Contact your department's Talent Acquisition Partner to initiate your request for a waiver of recruitment. The waiver of recruitment request form will ask you to provide information about your department and the position. Additionally, you will be asked to provide justification for the waiver of recruitment based on business necessity to support waiver of recruitment.
  • The four criteria for a waiver of recruitment are: 
    • Previous recruitment attempts did not result in identifying a qualified candidate pool, and/or recruitment difficulties in attracting candidates with the required skills, knowledge and abilities unique to the position have been documented
    • Unanticipated business requirements warrant filling the position on an immediate basis and the time needed to conduct a search would have a negative impact on meeting critical operational needs of the department or would violate a formal contractual obligation of the University
    • There are special appointment conditions, such as an organizational entity or program moving to the location along with specified current employees
    • The delay resulting from conducting a competitive recruitment would endanger health and safety

Review Process:

When a waiver for recruitment is submitted, it will be reviewed by the following individuals:

  • UC Davis Chief Compliance Officer (or designee)
  • UC Davis Chief Human Resources Officer (or designee)
  • Manager, Leadership Recruitment & Diversity Services (or designee)

Each party is tasked with reviewing the waiver of recruitment request for compliance with policy and our obligations as an Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity employer. Once a decision is made, your Talent Acquisition Partner will communicate the decision to you and your department.


Personnel Policies for Staff Members 20. Recruitment & Promotion, Section H