Internal Recruitment

Internal Recruitments are a type of competitive recruitment for career positions where only internal candidates are eligible to apply for a vacancy.

Internal recruitment can be limited to the UC system as a whole, to a particular UC location, or to a particular organizational unit. 

Any internal recruitment for a career appointment must receive approval from the Chief Human Resources Officer (or designee) with consultation from the Chief Compliance Officer (or designate.) Internal recruitment requests are thoroughly reviewed for compliance with our obligations as an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.

In order to conduct an internal recruitment, you must submit an Internal Recruitment Request form, which can be found on the HR Forms page.

Below are the required steps to submit an Internal Recruitment Request.

  1. Complete the Internal Recruitment Request form in collaboration with your Talent Acquisition Partner (TAP)
  2. Your TAP will submit the form to the Manager, Leadership Recruitment & Diversity Services (LR&DS) & Talent Acquisition Manager
  3. Request will be reviewed by Manager, LR&DS & the Associate Vice Chancellor/Chief Human Resources Officer in consultation with the UC Davis Chief Compliance Officer
  4. The request will be approved or denied (with rationale) to the Talent Acquisition Partner
  5. Decision will be shared with the original submitter

More information about our Affirmative Action Goals can be found by clicking here.

Please refer to PPSM 20: Recruitment and Promotion, Section D for more information about the policy