ground staff member and his son at take your daughters and sons to work day uc davis
A member of UC Davis' grounds staff with his son during our 2019 Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work (TODS) Day

Forbes Recognizes UC Davis as a Best Large Employer

Forbes Recognizes UC Davis as a Best Large Employer

UC Davis has been recognized by Forbes as one of the nation’s best large employers (more than 5,000 employees), our sixth year in a row receiving this distinction. Additionally, UC Davis Health was recognized by Forbes as one of the Best Employers for Diversity.

“UC Davis is a leader in sustainable transportation, Veterinary Medicine, autism research and so many other areas,” notes Kelly Ratliff, Vice Chancellor for Finance, Operations and Administration. “I give all the credit to our employees that are so focused on education, research and patient-care. Our employees are striving to make the University better every day, and I’m proud they’d give us a plug to their friends.”

UC Davis Health’s ranking reflects the recommendations of 50,000 respondents from minority groups asked to rate criteria such as age, gender, ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation equality, as well as that of general diversity. 

“I’m pleased Forbes has formally recognized what many of our employees have known for a long time: UC Davis is a great place to work!” said David Lubarsky, Vice Chancellor of Human Health Sciences and CEO of UC Davis Health. “I’m especially pleased to see UC Davis Health recognized as a Best Employer for Diversity. We know diversity of thought leads to better research, better patient outcomes, and a more collaborative and inclusive work place.”

A critical part of what makes UC Davis a best employer is cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce. UC Davis’ Principles of Community promote equity, justice, respect and understanding; and these principles guide Human Resources’ efforts to recruit and retain employees that excel across a range of patient-care, public service and academic undertakings.

“From our diversity ambassadors to our support of Veteran Employees, we’re committed to the current and future employees who all make unique contributions to UC Davis," according to Chief Human Resources Officer, Christine Lovely. “These designations are a thoughtful reminder of how much we do to support work-life balance, professional development and inclusive excellence for our employees, and we've also got room to grow."

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