Welcome to the UC Davis Lactation Support Program (LSP)

Lactation Support Program Room Resource Page

The Lactation Support Program (LSP) provides university affiliates and their partners with lactation consultations, support group meetings, and the use of hospital-grade breast pumps located in nearly 50 lactation sites on the UC Davis campus and 20 at UC Davis Health. 

Welcome and thank you for utilizing the lactation rooms!  You will find our most recent resources for members of the Lactation Support Program below:


Hospital-Grade Breast Pumps

If you are having difficulties with the pump:

Room Etiquette and Reminders

  • Wear a mask at all times.
  • Please disinfect table tops, chairs, and dials on hospital-grade pump before and after each use.
  • Please do not use the room for more than 25 minutes, which is a reasonable time to pump and clean up.  Please do not do other tasks to extend your time in the room.
  • It is appropriate to leave a notepad to communicate with other moms to discuss room preference times and establish an informal system.
  • If you are using a "dual station" room, and someone knocks, verbally identify if there is another station available.
  • Be communicative to encourage effective space sharing.
  • Please ensure any spills are cleaned up after your pump session.
  • Be kind, patient and flexible with each other - we are all doing our best to balance being at work while meeting our lactation goals.
  • Check out this handy Sanitation Flyer provided by Medela

Room Maintenance and Supply Requests

  • UC Davis Campus -
    • Custodial staff in the building should do the required cleaning of the rooms (empty trash, wipe surfaces, and sweep floors).  Custodial and Facilities concerns should be brought to the building's business office so they can initiate a response.
    • Alternatively, email requests to UC Davis Facilities at facilities@ucdavis.edu, or call (530) 752-1655 for emergency requests.
    • Please email worklife@ucdavis.edu for supply requests.
  • UC Davis Health - 

LSP Classes and Support Groups

  • Monthly Classes include:
    • Preparing for Breastfeeding
    • Continuing to Breastfeed upon Return to Work/School
    • Feeding Transitions
  • Mother-to-Mother Monthly Support Groups

Visit the Breastfeeding Classes and Support Group website for the current schedule.

Student Parent Childcare Grants

The WorkLife Office, in coordination with Graduate Studies and the Financial Aid Office, offers limited grants to students with dependent children to assist with childcare expenses.

There are two grants available:

  • Graduate Student Childcare Grant (GSCCG)
    • Available to Graduate and Professional Students (Self-supporting programs are not eligible)
    • NOT based on financial need
    • Providers of students' choice
    • Available year-round
    • Children from birth to 12 years of age
    • Up to $4400 per UC student per year, divided per quarter or semester, whichever applies
    • Community Based Care Grant (CBCG) can supplement GSCCG funds
  • Community Based Care Grant (CBCG)
    • Available to Undergraduate, Graduate and Professional Students
    • Financial and Situational Need-Based grant
    • Providers of students' choice
    • Available year-round
    • Children from birth to 12 years of age
    • Age-based award:
      • Age 0-2: $1600 quarter / $2400 semester
      • Age 2-6: $1200 quarter / $1800 semester
      • Age 6-12: $600 quarter / $900 semester

Download our general flyer here.

Visit the Student Parent Childcare Grant Program website to read the Fact Sheets, the Student-Parent Child Care Funding Handbook, and access the applications.

Free Lactation Education

Talk with a current Maternal, Child and Nutrition IBCLC Intern under direct supervision from a Certified Lactation Professional. 

  • You can discuss a variety of topics to help make your breastfeeding experience less stressful.
  • Examples topics include:
    • Getting started with breastfeeding
    • What to expect
    • Early experience
    • Feeding tips
    • Expected and unexpected challenges
    • When to get a referral
    • Reassurance that you are an amazing parent!
  • Send an email to Lactation@ucdavis.edu to request an appointment