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    • 2021
    • 2020
    • 2017
    • 2016
    • 2015
      • Fall 2015 "Accomplishing Breastfeeding Goals"
      • Spring & Summer 2015  “Galactagogues” (a substance professing to promote lactation of increase milk production)  FAQ: “What’s the best nipple to use when choosing a bottle for my breastfed baby?
      • Winter 2015 “Role of Fathers/Partners in Breastfeeding Success”
    • 2014
      • Fall 2014 “National Work & Family Month” LINK: “Make Breast Pumps not Suck” – MIT Media Lab Hackathon, LINK: “Miracle Food, Unraveling the Mysteries of Mother’s Milk” -- UCD collaboration of researchers, Fall 2014
      • Spring & Summer 2014 “Human Milk Donor Banks”
      • Winter 2014 “If Breastfeeding is so natural, why can it be so difficult?”
    • 2013
      • Fall 2013 “University of California, Office of the President, Personnel Policy for Staff Members:PPSM84 “Accommodations for Nursing Mothers” LINK: “Breastfeeding Fraught with Early Challenges for Most First-time Mothers” – UCD researchers support ‘Continuum of Care’ for mothers wanting to breastfeed
      • Spring & Summer 2013  “Expression of Milk – identifying and managing low milk supply”
      • Winter 2013 “Yeast Infections”
    • 2012
      • Fall 2012 “Breastfeeding and the Holidays” FAQ: “How do I know that my breastfed baby is getting enough milk?"

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HealthCare Provider Resources

  • UC Davis Medical Group (2620 Covell Blvd) provides individual lactation appointments for those that receive care at ANY UC Davis clinic.  No referral necessary.  Call 530-747-3000 to schedule an appointment.  
  • Kaiser Permanente, Woodland HealthCare, WIC, and Communicare provide full lactation services to their healthcare subscribers. Davis Kaiser Womens' Health, call 530-757-7210 and ask for a nurse/lactation appointment.  
  • Sutter Health provide varied lactation services dependent upon plan.

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