Purchase/Order Goods

The Shared Service Organization assists clients with purchasing/ordering goods. Some purchase orders can be handled at the SSO, while others require routing through Supply Chain Management which may require additional processing time.

Purchases Not Requiring Contracting Services (up to $9,999)

Automatic Purchase Orders

SSO can initiate an APO using the KFS requisition document for orders of supply items up to current APO threshold of $9999.99 (including tax and shipping), or for goods or services up to the APO dollar-limit from an existing agreement.

Examples of what an APO can do  

  • Purchase published and copyrighted materials, including subscriptions, periodicals and electronic media (no dollar limits).
  • Be used for payment of utilities citing agreement.
  • Purchase computers, tablets, and computer accessories below $10,000.00 or greater if using an agreement.
  • General Purchase of Goods up to the APO Threshold.

Examples of what an APO cannot do  

  • Obtain services (consultation, installations, etc.) unless an established agreement is referenced.
  • Purchase controlled substances 
  • Purchase an item with a restricted commodity code (see Restricted Commodity Codes below) unless an established agreement is referenced.
  • Purchase an Asset (see Purchase Order Including an Asset below)

Purchasing Card (PCard)

The SSO can place orders for goods up to $9999.99 per supplier, per day using a Purchasing Card (Exceptions to this limit can be arranged as needed).  Typically, a PCard can be used to obtain the same items that can be purchased using an APO.


Departments can order directly through UC Davis AggieBuy for any goods needed. Suppliers available in AggieBuy have a system-wide or local contract, with negotiated terms and pricing. However, the SSO also provides purchasing support via AggieBuy as the need arises.

Purchases For Goods That Require Routing to Contracting Services (restricted or over $9,999)

UC Davis Purchase Orders

For orders of goods that exceed $9,999.99 (or the APO limit set within a vendor agreement) including tax and shipping, the requisition will route to Procurement and Supply Chain Management for processing. Procurement and Supply Chain Management, as required, solicits competitive quotations and releases a purchase to the lowest responsible bidder meeting the required specifications. 

Purchase Order Including an Asset (a single item of $5,000.00 or more)

Generally, equipment is classified as a free-standing item having an acquisition value of $5000.00 or higher, and a normal life expectancy of one year or longer. All purchased equipment items require that the user to clearly identify what the item is, to what department the equipment will belong, and where it will be located. This purchase type requires a custodial code, building and room number and the asset tags/serial numbers of any trade-ins.  More information can be found at Accounting & Financial Services' Capital Assets webpage.

Resources for Orders routing through Supply Chain Management

  • Source Justification & Price Resonableness Justification Form
    • This form is required in the following circumstances:
      • You are using Federal Funds, and the order exceeds $10k (including tax and freight)
      • You are unable to provide an alternative quote from a second supplier, and the order exceeds $50k (including tax and freight.)
      • You have an order that exceeds $100k (including tax and freight.)

Software Purchase Process

To Purchase or renew any Software (including software of system-wide agreements):

  1. Contact your UISL, Unit Information Security Lead, and have them review your request.
    • If there is no need for a VRA, Vendor Risk Assessment, then please include this E-mail from the UISL.
    • If the UISL states the request requires an assessment, then request cannot be submitted through KFS, Kuali Financial System, until either:
      • The VRA and Department response form is completed and reviewed.
      • If under time constraints, the UISL can fill out a Risk Acceptance form and it will need the proper signatures.
  2. Once you have acquired the above documentation, submit your request to the SSO, Shared Service Organization.
  3. The SSO processor that is working on your ticket will initiate the proper KFS document and attach the appropriate form above.
  4. SCM, Supply Chain Management, will issue the Purchase document to the vendor.
  5. Upon completion of the purchase document, the SSO team member will notify you and arrange for payment to the vendor.

Orders with Restricted Commodity Codes

Certain items (e.g. controlled substances, hazardous materials, live animals, etc.), regardless of the dollar amount, will route through Procurement and Supply Chain Management unless an existing agreement is referenced.  For combined orders containing unrestricted and restricted commodities, the requisition will route using the commodity with the strictest requirements.   A way to determine if an item is restricted is to set the Restricted Item indicator to YES while doing a KFS Commodity code search. 


With a Travel or Entertainment Component

SSO Purchasing can initiate a request to obtain a signature or to review the terms of a hotel, catering, or conference room reservation contract.  Please see Agreements – Catering, Lodging, Event Agreement


For registration fees to training events or conferences with no travel involved (online webinar or on campus training only) please refer to the Accounts Payable Registration (Non-Travel ) Page.

Additional Information:

SSO Purchasing can also process registration fees for webinars and on-campus training using a Purchasing Card (PCard) if timely payment is required. 

To Submit a Request for Purchase with the Shared Services Organization

Please be sure to include the following within the request:

  • KFS agreement if applicable
  • Quote/estimate, web link of item if available online, or manufacturer, part number/model number and description.
  • Any sales representative contact information
  • Any special delivery instructions
  • If Ordering an Asset (single item totaling $5000.00 or more) please also include:
    • Custodial code, building, and room number
    • Asset tags and serial numbers if there are trade-ins
  • If Ordering a Gift Card
    • Name of recipient

For Order Requests entered in the Online Pre Purchasing System, please see the OPP Checklist for guidance.

Online PrePurchasing System (OPP): Create an OPP request, fill out all required fields and attach any back up documentation and note any additional information within the notes section field if not clearly stated on attachments