Agreements are written contracts established with specific vendors for the purchase of specified products or services within a designated period of time.

W9 and Insurance Requirement

Supply Chain Management now secures W9s and certificates of insurance from vendors.  In order to promptly facilitate this process, please be sure to include the vendor’s e-mail address and phone number when submitting CMS or OPP requests.

SSO Initiated Agreements

  • Blanket Agreement - Blanket Agreement is a purchase request of items and/or services on an as required and ongoing basis. These agreements have an estimated dollar amount and typically last a year or more.  Automatic Purchase Orders (APOs) are created from these agreement types when payment of an invoice is required.
  • No Cost Agreement - an agreement for which there is no cost to the University, but still requires review and an authorized signature from Supply Chain Management. Example: Credit Applications
  • Facility Use Agreement - for use of a facility NOT related to Travel and Entertainment.
  • Online Subscription Agreement - An Online Subscription Agreement is to request that Supply Chain Management review the terms and conditions of an online service prior to use. Example: Signing up for no-cost pricing for an online email marketing service.
  • Catering, Lodging, Event Agreement - Used prior to securing catering, lodging, or other Travel and Entertainment related needs that require an agreement or a signature. Vendor payment will be processed through Travel and Entertainment methods at a later time.
  • Revenue Agreement - will generate revenue for the department/university. Example: Agreements for services provided to outside entities by university departments that have an approved rate.

More information on the above agreements and how to search for Campus and UC Agreements can be found at the Supply Chain Management website.

Scope of Work (PDF) clearly defines performance or project goals and aids SSO Purchasing and UC Davis Supply Chain Management in completing service orders and agreements. The guidelines provided by Supply Chain Management can be used by the department to develop supporting documentation if the vendor has not provided an SOW.

Submit a Request for an Agreement with the Shared Services Organization

Please be sure to include the following:

  1. Description of the service
  2. Scope of Work, Quotes or Price Schedules: please have products and services broken out separately and include any quotes obtained from different vendors if available
  3. Vendor Contact Information: please provide name, email address, phone and fax number
  4. A not-to-exceed dollar amount - it is advisable to provide a not-to-exceed amount if costs will not be finalized until services are completed.
  5. Additional Required Forms if Applicable:
    1. Independent Pre-Hire Worksheet - used for an individual or sole proprietor using their SSN
    2. Source Justification & Price Reasonableness Justification and Individual Disclosure Statement - For Sole Source Transaction Totals At Or Above $50K (and At or Above $10K for Federally-Funded Purchases) and all Transaction over $100K

For further information and forms, please visit Supply Chain Management page on service orders.

For Order Requests entered in the Online Pre Purchasing System please see the OPP Checklist for guidance.

Online PrePurchasing System (OPP): Create an OPP request, complete all the required fields, and please attach all required back up documentation.  Please note any additional information within the notes section field if not clearly stated on attachments.