OPP Checklist and FAQ

PrePurchasing allows users to submit any type of order request (e.g., KFS, MyTravel). This application also aids in the departmental approval process associated with approving order requests, and offers seamless integration with KFS.

  • Not sure what access you have in PrePurchasing? Do you have access to PrePurchasing? 
  • • Use the following page to determine which groups you have permissions to, and who you should contact to have them changed: https://prepurchasing.ucdavis.edu/user/contact 

    - If there is nobody listed on this page, contact a colleague that already has access to OPP and see whom it lists in your department as a contact. 
    - Departmental administrators are the only ones with rights to modify permissions for specific departments. The help desk and PrePurchasing programmers cannot make these changes.
  • What is the status of my ticket? 
  • • To find out the status of a ticket. Open your requested ticket and see what the “Current Review Level” is.

    Approver: Waiting on Departmental Approval.
    - Account Manager: Waiting on Account Manager Approval.
    - Purchaser: Purchaser is gathering information needed to place order.
    - Complete: Means that ticket has been “completed” in OPP; if the ticket routed to Kuali there is more work to be completed. Please contact the associated purchaser to follow-up.
    - Cancelled: Somebody has canceled the request. See Notes for reasoning 
    - Denied: Somebody has denied the request. See Notes for reasoning

    • To see whom the ticket currently resides with, scroll down to order history on the ticket and look for the name on the far right. 

     - To see who can access the ticket for approvals or purchasing, click the little person icon to see the workgroup members.

     - Contact Information can always be found by clicking the “i”  next to the name.

  • I created an order. now I need to edit it.
  • • The short answer is you cannot, unless you are the Approver/Account Manager/Purchaser and it is at that level.
    • What you can do is cancel the order (if it is not complete), and duplicate it. Then resubmit the duplicated order.
    • You may also add a note indicating what edit you would like, but there are no guarantees an approver will make the change for you.

    • Note: An order in completed status cannot be edited in Pre-Purchasing. However, you can still add notes, add attachments, and receive line items.

  • How do I subscribe to E-mail updates? 
  • • The PrePurchasing system sends out email notifications to inform you when an event has occurred for one of your purchases. There are a wide variety of situations that can generate emails, and you can change your settings in Profile --> Email Preferences.
    • Check if notifications for particular events are turned off.
    • Check your correct email is being used. This can be found under your profile in the upper right.
        • Check if the notification type is set to daily or weekly.
        • If you use many email filters to sort your email, do a complete search of all your mail folders for OPP emails. You may have created a filter that sorted pre-purchasing emails to another folder.
        • Check your junk mail or spam folder. If your notifications are being caught there, you will need to add opp-noreply@ucdavis.edu to the Safe Senders list in Outlook.

  • Tagging Rushes/DVs (and when rush is appropriate)
  • • We request that you use the “Tag” Field (only available after creating an order request) as this is a field that we can see in our Queues and helps to prioritize our work quickly. This is helpful to indicate either:

    - Rush orders: “Rush.” If this is added to any other field we will see it but only after we have opened your request which may cause delays.
    - DV (Disbursement Voucher): If you know the document being requested is a DV then adding this routes to the correct team for quicker processing. No worries if you are unsure as we always review the documents and route accordingly.

  • What automatically transfers from OPP to KFS? Also, KFS Field Character Limits?
  • OPP Field 
    KFS Field 
    KFS Character Limit 
    OPP Request number  Description  40 
    Date Needed  Date Required  22
    Tag Does Not Transfer N/A
    Justification Explanation 400
    Business Purpose Does Not Transfer  N/A
    Item Description  Item Description 4000
    Item URL  Does Not Transfer N/A
    Item Notes  Does Not Transfer N/A
    Order Notes  Does Not Transfer N/A
    Estimated Freight Shipping (Nontaxable) 4000
    Estimated Tax Shipping & Handling  4000
       Does Not Transfer (Auto Calculates) N/A
      Organization Document Number 10
       Delivery Instructions  125
      Notes to Vendor 255
      Note Topic  40
      Note Text 800


  • Adding/ Removing Users to a workgroup? 
  • The Departmental OPP Administrator will need to add you. 
    The Administrator will have a drop-down labeled “Admin” In the grey tab field, select “Workgroup.” 
    On this page, the Administrator will need to select the correct workgroup to edit. 
    At the bottom of the page select the role they the wish to add to (see below). 
    What are all the roles? 

    -Requester: User with a need to order something.
    -Approver: Reviews orders for validity. (Ex. Supervisors, PIs, etc.) 
    -Conditional Approver: Reviews orders under special conditions. Approval is in conjunction with standard approver, not instead of. Specified by organization or workgroup. 
    -Account Manager: Responsible for specifying or validating account(s). Does not necessarily have to be the same as account manager in KFS. 
    -Purchaser: Responsible for executing an order. (Ex. KFS, AggieBuy, P-Card, etc.) 
    -Reviewer: Grants read only access to all orders available to the workgroup.


For Prompt Processing submit a request with the following information: 

  • Suggested Vendor 
  • KFS agreement # or Previous PO#, if applicable
  • Justification of Purchase Request 
  • Complete Descriptions of Materials and Services being requested
    o Include Catalog/Part/Model Numbers in [Catalog # Field]
    o Manufacturer Information
    o Direct web link of items available online should be added to the [URL Field] under add additional information.

Screen grab of an OPP screen depicting URL field.

  •  Attach Any Quotes or Estimate department received
    o Quotes that are expired will need us to contact the vendor delaying the request processing.
    o Screenshots of website do not lock in prices.
  •  Any sales representative contact information
    o Customer/Account numbers should be included if they’re known
  •  Departmental contact information o Directory information linked doesn’t always have a phone number, especially for New and TES Employees
  • Any special delivery instructions
    o Reasonable Delivery Date
    o Can We Backorder?
    o Are you willing to pay overnight Shipping or max shipping allowed?
    o Access Restrictions or Special Requirements
  •  If Ordering an Asset (single item totaling $5000.00 or more) please also include:
    o Custodial code, building, and room number
    o Asset tags and serial numbers if there are trade-ins
  •  When appropriate please attach:
    o Pre-Hire Worksheets
    o Confirming Order Justifications
    o Purchase Justification Forms for Any Order over $100k
  •  If Ordering a Gift Card
    o Name of recipient