TEV – Travel Expense Voucher

The Travel Expense Voucher (TEV) payment reason code is generally used when a vendor bills the university directly for travel-related expenses.

In this case, the TEV payment reason code is used to process a payment directly to the vendor, not to an employee or non-employee traveler. Travel expense reimbursements must be in accordance with BFB G28 and BFB G13 and other applicable policies listed on the UC Davis T&E website. Visit the TEV Information page for processing instructions. Complete the appropriate Travel Expense Form or Moving and Relocation Form located on the T&E Forms website.

To submit an Travel Expense Voucher for processing:

Create a new OPP Payment/Refund request for the Travel Expense Voucher payment and attach appropriate TEV form, supporting backup including receipts, invoices, attendee lists, etc.