REG - Registration (Non-Travel)

This request is used for registration fees to training events or conferences with no travel involved (online webinar or on campus training only).

In order to process, SSO will need a registration form or an invoice from the vendor.

To submit Registration (Non-travel) for processing:

Clients using the PrePurchasing System (OPP) - Create an OPP Request that includes information, and attach all required items.

Additional Information:

  • If the conference or training is not online or on campus, the registration must be processed in MyTravel.
  • If this has already been paid by the employee and wishes reimbursement for the out of pocket expense, please see: Accounts Payable - Employee Reimbursement.
  • Sharing login information and passwords is against UC Policy. If the item must be paid through a website login, the employee will need to pay out of pocket and ask for a reimbursement for this expense.