PCL - Professional Certifications & Licenses

SSO processes requests for payment of various licensing, certification, and professional education assistance fees that are paid on behalf of an individual for a valid business reason.

Examples include:

  • Certification testing fees (CPA exam fees, medical board costs, etc.)
  • Individual licensing fees (drivers license, medical facility access licenses, water treatment operator license, etc.)
  • Fingerprint tests
  • Self-assessment examination fees for online testing

To submit Professional Certifications & Licenses for processing:

Create an OPP Payment/Refund Request and attach all required items.

In order to process the request, SSO needs the following:

  • A brief explanation for the reason of the certification/license and how it benefits the University.
  • An invoice or application that is filled out completely which includes the costs associated with the certification/license.

Additional Information:

  • Sharing login information and passwords is against UC Policy. If the item must be paid through a website login, the employee will need to pay out of pocket and ask for a reimbursement for this expense.
  • If this has already been paid by the employee and wishes reimbursement for the out of pocket expense, please see: Accounts Payable - Employee Reimbursement.