Honoraria are for nominal payments to individuals (Not suppliers / businesses or UC Employees) for participation in a scholarly or academic event benefiting the mission of the University and in Accordance with PPM-380-76 (PDF).

Allowable activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Special lecture of short series of lectures
  • Conducting seminar or workshop of no more than 2 weeks
  • Musical demonstration related to Music Department instruction
  • Guest speaker
  • Appraisal of manuscript for the University Press
  • Non-professional medical actors

In order to process, SSC will need payment purpose, amount to pay the individual and a current remit to address.

To submit an Honorarium for processing:

Create an OPP Payment/Refund Request.  Include the payment purpose and attach supporting documentation.

Additional Information:

Honorarium Payments:

  • For current UC Employees, a request must be submitted to SSC Payroll through AggieService.
  • Must be paid to an individual, not a company.
  • Cannot be a negotiated agreement for an amount for a service. If the service is negotiated, see Purchasing: Contracting Services.
  • The Payee will be added to the KFS Vendor Table and Contracting Services will contact the vendor for a W-9 form before a payment can be processed. (This will cause a delay in processing the payment.)
  • If supporting documentation is not available, please complete the Honoraria Payment Form
  • The Honorariumcheck will be printed and mailed to the Payee's address on file the day after the event.