FEL - Fellowship Stipend

The Fellowship Stipend is used for payments to support an individual's pursuit of his/her studies or related research and can include stipends for living expenses while participating in a scholarly/research activity.

This category also includes payments for participation under the specific terms of a sponsored agreement, awards, or prizes to individuals in recognition of charitable, scientific, educational, artistic, literary or civic achievement, or as the result of the participant entering or being entered in a contest or being selected for the prize based on his/her actions.

In order to process, SSO will need information from the department which can include letters/notifications of awards, and  agreements. This information should include the amount  to be paid. 

To submit a Fellowship Stipend for processing:

Create a new OPP Payment/Refund request and attach all of the required items.

Additional Information:

  • If supporting documentation is not available, please complete the Fellowship Stipend Payment Form
  • Payments for currently enrolled UC students must go through Financial Aid and be paid through Banner.
  • Payments to current UC employees must be paid through Payroll.